New Star Wars novel featuring Baze and Chirrut coming to your galaxy


A new novel featuring the heroic rebel pair is coming from writer Greg Rucka.

Gal Gadot addresses the issue of Wonder Woman's sexuality


With Wonder Woman being positioned as more or less bisexual in the current comics run, where does the film Diana stand on the issue?

Cover artist Frank Cho leaves Wonder Woman, accuses writer Greg Rucka of censorship


Greg Rucka's return to Wonder Woman is great news, just maybe not for everyone.

Greg Rucka helms new Star Wars: The Force Awakens prequel anthology, Before the Awakening


Here's another way to get prepped for December's cinematic sci-fi supernova.

Another comics writer quits, says DC took 'gross advantage' of him

For the fourth time in just four months, a major comics creator has announced that he's done with a major comics company. Last time, it was Deadpool co-creator Rob Liefeld quitting DC Comics. This time it's Greg Rucka (of Batwoman, The Punisher, Wolverine and Wonder Woman fame, among many others), and he's had it with DC and Marvel.