Greg Berlanti

The 100's Jason Rothenberg and Arrowverse's Greg Berlanti join forces for Searchers
Jan 30, 2017

The CW is looking to beef up its schedule, and believe it or not, we're not talking about a new DC Comics series.

Warner Bros. feeds Little Shop of Horrors remake with Greg Berlanti
Dec 8, 2016

A new version of Little Shop of Horrors is now going ahead at Warner Bros., and the studio has tapped an Arrowverse producer to helm the movie.

Flash's Greg Berlanti and The 100's Jason Rothenberg developing adventure series at The CW
Oct 26, 2016

The CW is already home to a lot of genre TV shows, such as Supernatural, iZombie, The 100, The Vampire Diaries, and The Originals, and the whole of the Arrow-verse will be adding an intriguing new series into the mix.

Greg Berlanti teases The Flash and Supergirl musical crossover
Sep 13, 2016

Greg Berlanti is one busy man, and one of his most interesting projects is the musical crossover extravaganza set to air in the fall that will cross over between Supergirl and The Flash.

Greg Berlanti's Black Lightning live-action TV pilot lands at Fox
Sep 8, 2016

A week ago, we learned that a live-action Black Lightning superhero TV series, from Greg Berlanti and the husband-and-wife duo of Salim Akil and Mara Brock Akil, was in the works and being shopped around to the networks. Now we know where the lightning has struck.

Looks like that Booster Gold movie won't be part of the DC Extended Universe
Sep 8, 2016

When it was announced back in May that DC Entertainment was working on a Booster Gold movie, with the man currently in charge of the CW’s Arrow-verse, Greg Berlanti, attached to the project, DC fans were over the moon.

Black Lightning live-action TV series in the works from Greg Berlanti
Sep 1, 2016

A live-action Black Lightning superhero TV series is in the works. Greg Berlanti has partnered with the husband-and-wife dynamic duo of Salim Akil and Mara Brock Akil (The Game, Being Mary Jane) to bring DC Comics’ African-American superhero to the small screen.

Booster Gold movie taps a Thor scribe to pen a new screenplay, Greg Berlanti may direct
May 12, 2016

Looks like Warner Bros. has been listening to repeat criticism that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was too dark because they’ve just tapped a new writer to pen a screenplay for a movie featuring one of DC Comics’ most fun characters. 

Script title reveals major hint at how they'll pull off that Supergirl and Flash crossover
Feb 4, 2016

Fans were understandably psyched to learn CBS’s Supergirl will be crossing over with The CW’s Flash, and now we know how they might make it work.

Berlanti on Supergirl crossover with Flash: 'A lot of things would have to go right'
Jan 11, 2016

They may not share networks, but The Flash and Supergirl do share a good bit of the same creative team behind the scenes. So, will we ever see the two DC properties cross over?

This Superman villain will show up in Supergirl
Aug 11, 2015

Fans of Kal-El and his many villains may recognize this bad guy -- or at least his name -- when he shows up during Supergirl's premiere season.