Lucy Lawless faces serious jail time for that Greenpeace protest
Dec 17, 2012

Remember a few months back when Lucy Lawless and a few environmentalist friends got arrested for climbing onto the tower of a New Zealand drilling ship to protest Arctic oil drilling and wouldn't come down? Well, it's almost punishment time, and the punishment could be hefty for our warrior princess.

Xena Warrior Princess hijacks an oil-drilling ship. (Really!)
Dec 16, 2012

In the days since she was righting mythological wrongs on her long-running TV show, Lucy Lawless has become many things: the sultry star of Spartacus, an integral part of Battlestar Galactica and, apparently, a Greenpeace activist willing to capture a drilling vessel to keep it from drilling in the Arctic.

The law got Lawless: Xena arrested for her Greenpeace protest
Dec 16, 2012

Remember that time Lucy Lawless decided to join with Greenpeace activists and occupy an oil-drilling ship headed for the Alaskan coast? (Well, it was just last week.) The protest didn't last long: the New Zealand police have arrested Lawless and her compatriots.

Charity auction for walk-on role in The Crazies benefits Greenpeace
Dec 14, 2012

The charity auction is for a walk-on role in Overture/Participant's sci-fi horror thriller remake.