green arrow

Oliver assembles a new team of heroes in Arrow Season 5 trailer
Jul 23, 2016

Though sophomore series like The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow might be stealing some of the buzz these days, The CW’s DC universe started with Arrow — and the mothership is getting back to basics in our first look at Season 5.

Green Arrow vs. Hawkeye is the face off we've always wanted in new fan film
Aug 7, 2015

If you’ve ever been curious who would win in a battle to the death between DC and Marvel’s most famous archers, wonder no more.

The CW decides the fate of Green Arrow and Beauty and the Beast
May 21, 2015

It's the moment we've all been waiting for. For months, Greg Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim have been developing a Green Arrow pilot set for The CW. And today, the network has announced its fate.

New Arrow easter egg hints at potentially HUGE DC crossover
Apr 11, 2014

One thing we love about the CW’s Arrow is all those really cool easter eggs. After having teased the Flash and Harley Quinn, who's going to be featured next?

First look: Arrow's new mask draws major inspiration from the comics
Nov 19, 2013

It’s taken a season and a half, but Arrow’s suit is getting a bit of a redesign — and it should look very familiar for fans of the Green Arrow comic series.

8 characters we really wanna see introduced on Arrow
Mar 1, 2013

Arrow has introduced some of Ollie's Rogue's Gallery, but we can think of a few more members of his supporting cast who deserve a turn in the spotlight.

1st look at DC's can't-miss assassin Deadshot on The CW's Arrow
Dec 17, 2012

Arrow, The CW's latest foray into the superhero genre, doesn't premiere until October 10. But some new promo shots give us our first look at one of the baddies this dark new version of Green Arrow (Stephen Amell) will be facing—Deadshot.

Arrow producer on how last week's HUGE reveal changes everything
Dec 17, 2012

The CW has scored a ratings and critical hit with the dark hero drama Arrow, and fans got a potentially game-changing shock in last week's episode. Oliver Queen's (Stephen Amell) secret is out, and according to executive producer Andrew Kreisberg, it's going to change everything. Spoilers ahead!

Why is Arrow not Smallville? Star says the difference is murder
Dec 17, 2012

Once Smallville's lengthy run finally came to an end, no one was really surprised to hear The CW had greenlit a series based on fellow superhero the Green Arrow. But though both might come from the same DC Comics canon, Arrow star Stephen Amell says that's where the similarities begin and end. Spoilers ahead!

The CW's Green Arrow series considered a 'lock' for pick-up
Dec 17, 2012

Good news, Green Arrow fans: With The CW desperate for a hit to replace all those Smallville viewers, the odds have gone from good to great that Arrow will be gracing the small screen soon.

New pic from CW's Arrow finally gives a good look at Oliver Queen
Dec 17, 2012

Green Arrow has come out of hiding. The CW has released a new photo of actor Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen in their upcoming series, Arrow. And unlike the previous image where he's shrouded in darkness, we can actually see his face!

New trailer for CW's Arrow digs deeper into Oliver Queen's past
Dec 17, 2012

We finally have a true preview clip for The CW's Arrow, which sets up the premise and shows off some of the action we can expect once the show ramps up this fall. So how does it look? Truth be told, pretty darn cool.