Grant Morrison

That time Grant Morrison nearly killed off the X-Men's Rogue
Feb 8, 2017

One of the X-Men's most successful writers almost killed off one of their most iconic heroes.

Syfy orders pilots for 3 new series: The Machine, The Haunted and Happy!
Sep 16, 2016

Syfy is ramping up its development slate, and has ordered pilots for three new series — including one based on the film The Machine, and an adaptation of a Grant Morrison graphic novel.

Boom!'s superhero Santa returns for Xmas one-shot, Klaus and the Witch of Winter
Sep 9, 2016

Grant Morrison and Dan Mora"s Klaus shall return in a special space-themed issue this winter.

Comics writer Grant Morrison adapting Brave New World for Syfy
Aug 11, 2016

Our parent company tackles another screen version of a science fiction classic.

Why Wonder Woman's Grant Morrison didn't like what he saw in the new Batman v Superman trailer
Jul 20, 2015

While most were psyched with what we saw of Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman in the new Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer, some weren't happy with the portrayal of the Amazon Princess.

First 4 pages from Grant Morrison's freaky new horror comic Nameless
Nov 18, 2014

Grant Morrison is an absolute legend in the comic world from his work on Batman, and now he’s looking toward his next frontier —full-on horror. Get ready for Nameless.

Grant Morrison's ambitious passion project Sinatoro making jump from film to comic
Oct 8, 2014

Grant Morrison has spent the past few years trying to get his passion project film script, Sinatoro, off the ground. Well, we’re finally going to get to see the story — just not exactly as intended.

Grant Morrison's big talk: Getting deep with the writer of Annihilator, Multiversity
Sep 12, 2014

The icon of modern comic-book culture talks at length about demons, nihilism, creepy Hollywood and how to make readers care.