Grant Bowler

Exclusive: Grant Bowler talks Defiance Season 3, why he loved Mad Max: Fury Road, and more in our video interview
Jun 12, 2015

The leading lawman in Syf's post-apocalyptic series sat down with us for a chat via Periscope. If you missed it (or want to relive it), here's your chance.

Periscope with Grant Bowler for Season Three of Defiance
Jun 5, 2015

Submit questions for a chance to talk to the man who is Nolan during our in-studio talk about Season 3 of the sci-fi adventure.

Can't wait until next week? Watch 3+ mins of Defiance's S2 premiere
Jun 13, 2014

We’re less than a week away from the season premiere of Defiance, and we have a new clip that shows just how much things have changed in everyone’s favorite post-apocalyptic town.

Why Defiance's Grant Bowler is looking forward to gamer feedback
Jul 23, 2013

Defiance star Grant Bowler has been a gamer for over 20 years, and knows how fickle his brethren can become if the technology and support aren't up to par.

Watch the first 4 minutes of Defiance's season finale right now
Jul 5, 2013

The first season of Syfy’s Defiance comes to an end Monday night, but you can see the first four minutes of the finale right now.

Defiance stars reveal the 'beating heart and soul' of Syfy's new series
Apr 15, 2013

You've had a chance to play the game. Now you'll get a chance to see the companion TV series when Syfy's Defiance premieres tonight, which stars Grant Bowler and Stephanie Leonidas promise will create a brand new genre for television.

Steve Niles unleashes the face-ripping zombie goodness of Remains
Dec 16, 2012

Comic book horror mastermind Steve Niles thinks TV's gotten a little dark these days. Luckily, Chiller is offering up its first original TV movie with Steve Niles' Remains, which premieres on Friday at 10 p.m. ET. Exactly how does the horror movie, inspired by Niles' graphic novel, lighten up your TV viewing?