Glen Mazzara

Exclusive: Damien showrunner Glen Mazzara on that devilish season finale, what comes next
May 10, 2016

Damien showrunner/executive producer Glen Mazzara about that insane season finale and hopes and plans for Season 2 and more.

Damien grapples with his true identity in new trailer for A&E's new horror series
Jan 7, 2016

After finding success by mining one classic horror film, A&E is going to the well once again. Look out, Bates MotelDamien is ready to check in and start creeping us all out.

The Antichrist will rise again: A new Omen series is headed to TV
Aug 25, 2014

The son of Satan, Damien Thorn, is coming to television.

Ex-Walking Dead producer develops new horror remake
May 19, 2014

Former Walking Dead producer and showrunner Glen Mazzara is staying in the horror genre for his next project, but this time he's looking backward to a past classic.

Former Walking Dead exec explains why it can really 'suck' to kill characters
Oct 10, 2013

Under his watch, The Walking Dead took out a boatload of major players — and now former showrunner Glen Mazzara is here to explain the good and bad of killing characters.

Stephen King wishes Glen Mazzara's Shining prequel 'didn’t happen'
Apr 12, 2013

The studio has hired Glen Mazzara to write a Shining prequel. The only problem? Stephen King doesn't think it's a great idea.

Why former Walking Dead showrunner says he might've killed Rick
Feb 8, 2013

Former Walking Dead showrunner Glen Mazzara reveals why he might have killed Rick (Andrew Lincoln) next season.

Mazzara finally addresses his shocking Walking Dead exit
Jan 29, 2013

These days, AMC’s Walking Dead goes through showrunners about as quickly as it does cast members. After departing the series about a month ago, the show’s second axed showrunner Glen Mazzara has finally opened up about what happened behind the scenes.

AMC responds to backlash over Mazzara's Walking Dead exit
Jan 22, 2013

Is The Walking Dead allergic to showrunners? After Frank Darabont left in season two, his successor Glen Mazzara jumped ship the following year. His exit brought AMC under fire for not only him, but all their personnel.

Walking Dead showrunner discloses biggest post-Darabont change
Jan 14, 2013

When the showrunner shake-up behind the scenes of AMC's The Walking Dead took place at the start of the second season, fans were left to wonder exactly how co-creator Frank Darabont's departure would affect the surprise hit. Now, with the third season at its halfway point, Darabont's replacement Glen Mazzara has opened up about what actually changed in the writers' room.

Walking Dead gains a 4th season—but loses its showrunner!
Jan 14, 2013

We've got huge news about AMC's The Walking Dead. The zombie juggernaut will live to see another season—but that's not all. Once again, there's a behind the scenes shakeup.

Walking Dead showrunner promises 'major character deaths' in S3
Dec 17, 2012

The third season of The Walking Dead finally debuts this Sunday, and showrunner Glen Mazzara promises the brutal zombie survival tale will continue to bring the pain. In fact, it seems at least a few major players won't make it to the finale alive. Spoilers ahead for The Walking Dead comics and potentially season three!

Wait, EVERY character could eventually die on The Walking Dead?
Dec 17, 2012

As any fan of The Walking Dead knows, folks don't last long in the zombie apocalypse. In the span of two short seasons, the series has killed off more characters than most shows ever have—and the producers say the carnage is only getting started. But could we ever get to a point where every original character is dead?

Walking Dead boss reveals the actor who REALLY didn't wanna die
Dec 17, 2012

Being a member of the Walking Dead cast has to be a pretty anxiety-inducing gig, especially if you like your job. On a show like that, you never know when you're about to be Walker meat, and according to the series boss one cast member was trying to talk his way out of death right up until the end. SPOILERS AHEAD.