China has just edited the genome of a human, and there is no way this could go wrong
Nov 18, 2016

China is about to prove whether or not gene editing is safe. If it cures cancer, all the better.

U.K. science team receives approval to genetically modify human embryos
Feb 2, 2016

From a scientific standpoint, it’s been the logical next step for a while. Now a British research team has received approval to start tinkering around with the genetic makeup of human embryos.

Scientific leaders advise we not mess with the human genome, at least not yet
Dec 7, 2015

It’s the stuff of science fiction, and it’s very nearly the stuff of science fact. But a team of international experts think we need to hold off before diving into the deep end of the human gene pool.

You'll see why this creepy sci-fi short is gonna be a feature film
Jul 4, 2015

Seriously, one look at this eight-minute short from British filmmaker Matt Westrup and you'll understand why it's getting promoted into a feature film: The Gate features genetic malfeasance, robotic power armor, swell CG beasts and a couple of terrific scares.