Gene Roddenberry

Scrapped 1970s Star Trek film script would've pit Kirk against evil alien Jesus
Jul 5, 2016

The 1970s were an interesting time in Hollywood, and somewhere on Earth-2, they’re still watching old Betamax copies of a Star Trek flick that would’ve found Capt. Kirk fighting evil alien Jesus.

Image of the Day: Meet the men who built Star Trek’s original Enterprise
Jan 13, 2016

Sure, it’s typically constructed in full-on CGI these days, but once upon a time the Star Trek Enterprise was built with nothing but tender love and care. Want to meet the gentlemen who made the first one?

Read the first draft of Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek intro
Jan 6, 2016

The familiar words "Space, the final frontier" are not the first ones Gene Roddenberry wrote.

Vast new trove of Gene Roddenberry data opened -- but what's in it?
Jan 5, 2016

The late Star Trek creator left behind untold numbers of documents that may give us a glimpse into the workings of that show and perhaps more.

Star Trek beams up rare photos of Leonard Nimoy and cool archival material
Dec 23, 2015

Roddenberry Entertainment has beamed up rare archival items from its Star Trek Vault.

25 facts about Star Trek: The Next Generation you might not know
Jul 4, 2015

Today marks the 25th Anniversary of Stark Trek: The Next Generation's pilot, Encounter at Farpoint, premiere. That's 25 years since Picard stared out into the great and infinite vastness of space and said "Let's see what's out there." To celebrate, here's 25 things you might not know about the seminal series.

George Takei on his Star Trek audition and meeting Gene Roddenberry
Apr 16, 2015

Star Trek actor George Takei went down memory lane and recalled the first time he walked into the Great Bird of the Galaxy's office. With hilarious results.

50 years ago: A sci-fi classic begins its long trek
Dec 4, 2014

Yesterday (Dec. 3) marked the 50th anniversary of a seminal moment in science fiction history. Do you know what it was?

Star Trek writer reveals ugly side of working with Roddenberry on the sci-fi classic
Sep 15, 2014

The Federation seemed to run fairly smoothly in the Star Trek: The Next Generation days, but apparently it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows behind the scenes.

Trek creator Roddenberry's ashes to boldly R.I.P. in deep space
Jun 21, 2013

Gene Roddenberry is going into space... forever. Who could ask for a better way to spend eternity?

Read Roddenberry's 1968 Trek TV memo on how to fix 'too jolly' Kirk
May 13, 2013

He may not have been around as much during the show's final season, but Star Trek's creator was definitely still focused on his characters.

Roddenberry shows Enterprise to 1st Trek captain in rare 1964 pic
Jan 22, 2013

Yesterday, we posted a rare and fascinating interview from Star Trek's very first Captain, the late Jeffrey Hunter, who played Capt. Christopher Pike.

Read hurt Roddenberry's reply to Asimov's critique of Trek science
Dec 17, 2012

Though we remember Gene Roddenberry's original Star Trek series as a groundbreaking, iconic (and OK, a little uneven) sci-fi show, not every science fiction enthusiast was so impressed. Among them was strong candidate for Greatest Sci-Fi Writer Ever Isaac Asimov, who wrote a public critique of the show's science that led Roddenberry to draft a lengthy private retort.

Trek historian says myth about why Nichelle Nichols got hired is wrong
Dec 17, 2012

When Star Trek TOS first aired in 1966, the sci-fi series had one of the most racially diverse casts ever seen on TV and featured minorities like no one else had done before. And from the stories that were passed on for years, everyone thought it was Gene Roddenberry himself who pushed for the idea. Now an historian is saying that's not what really happened.