Gemini Man

Will Smith will fight himself in Ang Lee's clone thriller Gemini Man
Apr 25, 2017

Will Smith is in talks to team up with Ang Lee for an intriguing new sci-fi thriller.

Ang Lee set to helm long-gestating clone assassin movie Gemini Man
Apr 24, 2017

In development for nearly 20 years, Gemini Man is about to get a new lease on life!

It's Eastwood vs. Eastwood in sizzle reel for aborted killer clone pic
Dec 17, 2012

Joe Carnahan's sizzle reel for his aborted Daredevil movie proved so popular the director has released another video pitch for a defunct project. This time, it's Clint Eastwood vs. Clint Eastwood (seriously) in the sci-fi thriller Gemini Man.

Curtis Hanson beside himself to direct the cloning thriller Gemini Man
Dec 14, 2012

The L.A. Confidential helmer is in talks to direct the sci-fi action thriller.