The creators of Doom and Quake are Kickstarting a new sci-fi video game

Two of the men who literally defined the first-person shooter genre, id Software co-founders John Romero and Adrian Carmack, are reuniting for a throwback sci-fi video game. Prepare to enter the Blackroom.

Here's the latest on the long-gestating Uncharted, The Last of Us film adaptations

Video game developer Naughty Dog has two major franchises in its creative coffers, and film versions for both have been in the works for years. So, what’s the latest on Uncharted and Last of Us?

Fight like hell into Joseph Kosinski's new live-action Doom video game trailer

Check out this striking live-action Doom cinematic from the director of TRON Legacy.

Creep into horror director Eli Roth's disturbing new Dark Souls III animated trailer

Check out this stylishly sinister cartoon trailer for the upcoming release for Dark Souls III.

First details emerge for Telltale's upcoming Batman video game

Buckle up for some tempting tidbits on Telltale Games' brand-new Batman video game.

New Tomb Raider movie reboot to be inspired by the 2013 video game

Prepare for more tomb raiding with everyone's favorite female adventurer, Lara Croft.

Assassin's Creed sequel with Michael Fassbender already in the works

A sequel to the live-action big-screen adaptation of Ubisoft's hit video-game series is apparently already in the works.

Popular video game series Thief being adapted for the big screen

Looks like our master thief Garrett's next stealth adventure may take place on the big screen.

This scary live-action Silent Hills P.T. video short will terrify you

If you tought the Silent Hills P.T. Teaser was scary, you should see this live version of the playable teaser.

Alien and Predator dish out brutal fatalities in Mortal Kombat XL launch trailer

The launch trailer for Mortal Kombat XL feature some brutal kills from some iconic horror-movie characters.

First details about that Warner Bros. live-action Minecraft movie emerge

Here are the first details about that Minecraft live-action movie adaptation.

Rocket League scores the Dark Knight's Batmobile in new Batman v Superman DLC pack

Steer your way into this new preview showcasing the coolest superhero cruiser in the comics universe.

Slice into this new launch trailer for The Walking Dead: Michonne mini-series game

Michonne scores her own gruesome video game in the upcoming The Walking Dead: Michonne.