Christmas and Halloween collide in this insane new Dead Rising 4 trailer
Nov 1, 2016

The nightmare happens long before Christmas with Capcom's upcoming survival horror sequel.

John Carpenter's Halloween scores a radical 8-bit arcade makeover
Oct 28, 2016

Here's the iconic slasher flick treated to a new 8-Bit Cinema classic.

New Prey trailer reveals the sci-fi survival game's insane alt-history plot
Oct 21, 2016

Learn the horrifc secrets behind the terrors of Talos 1 in this new backstory video for Prey.

Marcus and JD battle monsters and madness in new Gears of War 4 launch trailer
Sep 19, 2016

Haul out your Hammerburst for the fifth chapter of the epic Gears of War gaming saga!

Stranger Things gets an (unauthorized) '80s-style retro videogame
Aug 29, 2016

Enjoy the pointing and clicking, the synth music, and the cigarette breaks.

Quench your thirst for blood with this 15 minute gameplay trailer for Vampyr
Aug 29, 2016

After wowing us with their critically acclaimed video game Life Is Strange, developers DontNod are now taking us into the gothic world of Vampyr.

New Strange Night horror game can only be played after sundown
Aug 4, 2016

Here's an intriguing new nocturnal video game that only works when bats come out to feed.

Move over Nintendo and Sega: there's a Retro-Bit Generations console coming
Aug 1, 2016

After Nintendo’s Mini NES and Sega’s mini Mega Drive, game developers Capcom, Data East and Jaleco are taking center stage with their upcoming Retro-Bit Generations console, which'll allow you to play a boatload of cool retro games for a fair price.

Batman: The Telltale Series introduces 'crowd play,' lets you fight crime with friends
Jul 24, 2016

If you confront a villain as Batman or as Bruce Wayne, your friends will know your choices. And mock you if they're the wrong ones.

Star Trek gets a new game with surprising ties to a classic episode
Jul 23, 2016

Star Trek RPG gives you battles, diplomacy, and the Next Generation space-time rift episode "Yesterday's Enterprise."

It's open season on ghouls in new Ghostbusters video game launch trailer
Jul 12, 2016

Ghostbusters gets a splashy companion video game treatment to Paul Feig's spirited summer flick.

Original System Shock team crowdfunding reboot of seminal 1994 video game
Jun 30, 2016

The original System Shock was a huge creative hit back in the mid-1990s, and now some of the team that created the cyberpunk classic is looking to bring it back to life in a big way.