Robert Kirkman's studio to turn indie game Oxenfree into a movie
Carol Pinchefsky

The game hasn't been released yet, and it's already been snapped up for film development.

9 nightmarish screenshots for iD Software's insane new Doom video game
Jeff Spry

Here's a hellish horde of new screenshots for the upcoming Doom game!

Avengers assemble in trailer for LEGO Marvel’s Avengers game 
Carol Pinchefsky

New trailer for Traveller's Tales LEGO Marvel’s Avengers videogame is a LEGO box of fun.

Award-winning Walking Dead game developer tackling Batman next
Trent Moore

The team best known for creating the awesome Walking Dead episodic games will be heading to Gotham City next. That’s right — Telltale Games is hard at work on a new Batman game.

Check out long-lost footage from the big-budget Avengers video game that was never released
Trent Moore

Back when the first Avengers film was getting ready to blow up the box office, developer THQ was putting together a big-budget video game to match. But, though the film (obviously) proved a hit, the game bit the dust in development hell.

Let the Wookiee win and watch this video of a working Star Wars Holochess table
Jeff Spry

Check out this new demo of a hand-built Holochess game from Star Wars: A New Hope

Revel in this ravenous new Attack on Titan video game trailer
Jeff Spry

Check out this latest preview for the frenetic new Attack on Titan gaming release.

Fantasy series The Witcher gets a live-action, big screen adaptation for 2017
Nathalie Caron

Move over, Game of Thrones and Warcraft, there’s gonna be a new fantasy player in town.