Gamers mourn the death of one of their own killed in Libya attack
Dec 17, 2012

When the United States Consulate in Benghazi, Libya was attacked by protesters Tuesday, killing four Americans, initial reporting on the tragedy largely focused on the death of the U. S. Ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens. But now the gaming community also mourns in its own special way, because it turns out one of the four Americans was a prominent and respected online gamer.

Gamer dies after playing Diablo 3 for 2 days without food or sleep
Dec 17, 2012

Believe it or not, sitting around playing video games for days on end can have greater consequences than gaining weight and not getting fresh air. You can lose your legs, you can die and simply be ignored, and you can apparently get so sucked into a game that you skip eating or sleeping and end up dead.

Guy spends 8,701 hours playing the same PlayStation 3 videogame
Dec 16, 2012

We've spent a long time fighting our geek stereotypes, from mediocre hygiene to dwelling in basements. And just when we've got some basic respectability from the mainstream media, a gamer like this White Knight Chronicles II player comes along.

Gamer dies in Internet cafe ... and no one notices
Dec 16, 2012

When Chen Rong-yu sat down to a gaming session in an Internet cafe in New Taipei on Tuesday, it was the last thing he ever did. Rong-yu died at his computer while playing League of Legends. But that's not even the bad news.