Game of Thrones

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Showrunners give a 'heartfelt apology' for Sunday's shocking episode of Game of Thrones

David Benioff and D.B. Weiss are have taken the "extraordinary step for the first time ever" to apologize to Game of Thrones fans.

Watch the Game of Thrones audition reel

See the stars of HBO's fantasy smash before they knew how to pronounce "valar morghulis."

Game of Thrones' Liam Cunningham on surviving another season

One of the stars of HBO's hit fantasy series stopped by at San Diego Comic-Con to talk living in George R.R. Martin's world.

Zelda, Muppets, Star Wars and 14 more Game of Thrones art mashups

We are just days away from full-blown war on HBO as Game of Thrones kicks off its second season, and what better way to celebrate the coming of the Clash of Kings than re-imagining our favorite characters as puppets, superheroes and intergalactic bounty hunters? So before we get all grim with death, blood and dragon fire in Westeros, let's take a look at the cast of Game of Thrones from some more whimsical angles.

5 Words: Super Mario Game of Thrones

What do you get when you combine the opening of Game of Thrones with the SNES classic, Super Mario World? Poetry. Pure, 16-bit poetry.

Marvel finally chooses its Thor 2 director

Despite the forgone conclusion that the Chris Hemsworth-starring Thor would get a sequel—it's what you do when a movie grosses $449 million worldwide—the path to getting that sequel off the ground has been a bit rocky. Hopefully, a Game of Thrones veteran can get the Asgardian ball rolling.

Hemsworth explains what Thor 2 could learn from Game of Thrones

What does Marvel's Thor and HBO's hit series Game of Thrones have in common? Hopefully a lot more very soon, at least according to Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth.

What if Game of Thrones was a raunchy (but funny) 8-bit videogame?

Game of Thrones is the first book in a sweeping series, as well as a television show worthy of its multiple award nominations. But what if it were a raunchy 8-bit video game, done in the style of the infamously crude Leisure Suit Larry? It would look at lot like this.

Cat singing Thrones theme either cutest or most annoying thing ever

We've heard a lot of covers of the theme to HBO's Game of Thrones since the show debuted last year, enough to know that some are stranger than others. But this one, composed entirely of a single cat meowing, could be the strangest one of all.

10 Emmy-worthy sci-fi performances we're hoping earn a nomination

We're still a few weeks away from seeing who got nominated for an Emmy, and until the official announcement, we plan on living in hope that some of these stellar sci-fi performances of the past year manage to make the cut.

Game of Thrones snags 13 Emmy nominations. Dinklage FTW!

The 2011 Primetime Emmy Award nominations have been announced, and fantasy fans can raise a tankard to HBO's Game of Thrones, which snagged 13 nods! Read on for the full list and our thoughts on the show's chances in the awards race.