Gal Gadot

Wonder Woman lifts a tank in wondrous new posters, clips and B-roll footage

Ahead of the movie’s debut in less than two weeks, Warner Bros. has unleashed five new clips, some glorious B-roll footage and bloopers, as well as two new posters for Wonder Woman — one of which features Diana literally lifting a tank over her head like a bawse.

Wonder Woman box office predictions all over the map

One of the great mysteries of this summer's movie season is just how much money Diana of Themyscira's first standalone feature film will make.

Wonder Woman gets into a street fight in film's first clip

Wonder Woman hits the streets of London, then hits some bad guys, in the film’s first clip.

Image of the Day: Diana enters the battlefield in new Wonder Woman concept art

Here's a breathtaking new piece of panoramic concept art from Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman's Gal Gadot joins Jason Statham in destructive new Super Bowl commercial
Jan 19, 2017

Check out this kickass new ad for Wix featuring a killer team-up of Gal Gadot and Jason Statham.

Gal Gadot addresses the issue of Wonder Woman's sexuality
Oct 11, 2016

With Wonder Woman being positioned as more or less bisexual in the current comics run, where does the film Diana stand on the issue?

Wonder Woman movie panel report: Everyone's psyched
Jul 23, 2016

Wonder Woman came to Hall H at Comic-Con with a brand new trailer and the three lead actors.