7 new pics give 1st look at the cast of Fringe's final season
Trent Moore

With Fringe's swan song season just a few weeks from kicking off, Fox has released the first set of cast photos for the series' final year. So who made the cut?

Peter and Olivia's daughter is in danger in latest Fringe S5 promo
Krystal Clark

Peter and Olivia can't catch a break. In the latest promo for Fringe season five, their pride and joy is in danger. The Observers are coming and they've set their sights set on Etta—their daughter.

Ominous Observers are heading our way in new Fringe S5 teaser
Trent Moore

A foreboding new trailer for the final season of J.J. Abrams' cult fave Fox series Fringe has been released, and look out—the Observers are coming.

Fringe star returns, speaks out on illness: "I couldn't even think"
Krystal Clark

Fringe season five is back on schedule. Unfortunately, last month, production was shut down due to a star's illness. John Noble, who plays fan favorite Dr. Walter Bishop, was suffering from a serious disorder that was affecting his work. But with treatment, he and the show are back on track.

What's got Joshua Jackson in uniform for 19 new Fringe set pics?
Matthew Jackson

We've still got a few weeks before the premiere of Fringe's short (and hopefully sweet) final season, but we're finally getting our first glimpses from the set. Check out a look at new co-star Georgina Haig, plus Joshua Jackson walking around in a futuristic cop uniform.

Fringe S5 production shut down as star seeks treatment
Krystal Clark

Production on the fifth and final season of Fringe has hit a snag. Over the past month, its cast has experienced some serious personal problems. First, Blair Brown was put out of commission due to an illness, then Jasika Nicole was in a minor car accident and now John Noble is seeking treatment.

Fringe producer says he 'can't comprehend' Emmy snub
Trent Moore

When the Emmy nominations were announced, Fringe fans (including Leonard Nimoy) were pretty upset about the beloved series' snub. So what does producer J.H. Wyman think about the omission? Apparently, he was pretty upset.

Joshua Jackson says Fringe S5 is 'going to be a big family reunion'
Trent Moore

It seems the start of Fringe's final season will be a familiar scene for viewers—just not in the way you might think. So how long does it take us to get to the future?

Nimoy blasts Emmy picks over 'ridiculous' Fringe snub
Trent Moore

The Emmy nominations list was announced Thursday, and though some sci-fi series made the cut, several fan favorites were left out. One of the most glaring omissions? Fox's Fringe, which is gearing up for its final season. Luckily, Fringe guest star and sci-fi legend Leonard Nimoy is not taking this snub lightly.

Fringe looks to the future at Comic-Con: "A film is very possible"
Krystal Clark

Sunday morning, the cast of Fringe appeared at their final Comic-Con panel. The hour was filled with excitement and emotion as fans prepared to say goodbye. But before they bid adieu, the cast gave us some much needed hope. Could a Fringe movie be on the horizon?