Fringe alum says series became a 'boy show' that lost focus on female heroes

When it launched, Fox’s Fringe was about a female FBI agent and a father-son duo helping her solve crimes — and grew into so much more than that over the next few years. But, one former star isn’t entirely psyched about what the cult hit eventually became.

If you liked Fringe's futuristic season finale, you're gonna love S5

Though a fifth and final season of Fox's Fringe was an unknown at the time, the producers decided to take the risk and introduce us to a wild, weird future ruled by the Observers late in season four. With a fifth year now a certainty, producer J.H. Wyman wants you to know: We will definitely be revisiting the bizzaro future of 2036 we glimpsed in "Letters of Transit."

TV THIS WEEK: It's an Observer-filled Fringe, Being Human and more!

After four years, will we finally find out what those Fringe Observer dudes are all about? Let's hope so, especially since Fox's Fringe is taking a month off after Friday's episode. This week we'll also have the return of BBC America's Being Human for a fourth season, which joins Syfy's Being Human on the schedule.

Ominous Observers are heading our way in new Fringe S5 teaser

A foreboding new trailer for the final season of J.J. Abrams' cult fave Fox series Fringe has been released, and look out—the Observers are coming.

Goodbye, Fringe! J.H. Wyman looks back at 5 mind-bending years

It's been five terrifying, madcap, strange and wonderful years since Fox's Fringe first popped up on our TV screens, and executive producer and showrunner J.H. Wyman has been with the show for most of the way.

Fringe's Josh Jackson on Peter's evolution and tonight's big finale

Actor Joshua Jackson is ready to say goodbye to Peter Bishop. In fact, he believes tonight's two-hour Fringe series finale has the 'proper' ending for the Fox show's three main characters, Peter, Olivia and Walter.

The resistance gives us reasons to hope in new Fringe viral videos

We've gotten to see a lot of the Observer-occupied future in season five of Fox's cult fave Fringe, and some new viral videos show that the resistance hasn't given up yet.

Fringe star reveals what's next after last week's shocking ending

The final season of Fox's Fringe is still rolling along, and the writers threw out a massive shocker last week that could define the rest of the season. So what does star Joshua Jackson (Peter Bishop) have to say about it? Spoilers below!

Mysterious title of Fringe's series finale revealed

Episode titles in Fox's Fringe are rarely built around a whim. More often than not, they're based on a critical point and tease what the episode is about. Hmm, want to know the mysterious title of the series finale?

TV THIS WEEK: Fringe returns + Supernatural, Summer Glau and more!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas as Christmas-themed episodes and holiday movies, including one with Summer Glau as an elf, take over the schedule. But the real Christmas present comes in getting a new Fringe this week. Meanwhile, Supernatural sinks its teeth into a vampire themed midseason finale, while Ghost Hunters signs off for its eight season.

Meet the Fringe team's new oracle in its battle with the Observers

It looks like the Fringe crew has a new ally in their battle with the Observers for the world's future. Actress Jill Scott guest stars tonight as Simone, an oracle-like woman who offers to assist the Fringe team in the episode, "The Human Kind," which airs tonight at 9 p.m. on Fox.

Walter drops some acid in hilariously trippy new Fringe clip

We might not get the usual, wacky Episode 19 in the abbreviated final season of Fox's Fringe—but that doesn't mean we won't get some trippy action before the series heads off into the sunset.

TV THIS WEEK: Haven's S3 finale, Fringe, John Barrowman and more

Yep, it's the week we've all been waiting for. We've run out of Mayan calendar as of Friday, Dec. 21, but luckily we'll probably get in a big episode of Fringe, the season three finale of Haven and a Doctor Who special with John Barrowman. Beyond that, there's not much worth watching.

13 pics offer potentially spoilery peek at final episode of Fringe

It's almost over. We're closing in on the final few episodes of Fox's cult fave sci-fi series Fringe, and producer J.H. Wyman has been kind enough to share a first look at the series finale. Want to see how it's all going to end?