Fringe alum says series became a 'boy show' that lost focus on female heroes

When it launched, Fox’s Fringe was about a female FBI agent and a father-son duo helping her solve crimes — and grew into so much more than that over the next few years. But, one former star isn’t entirely psyched about what the cult hit eventually became.

If you liked Fringe's futuristic season finale, you're gonna love S5

Though a fifth and final season of Fox's Fringe was an unknown at the time, the producers decided to take the risk and introduce us to a wild, weird future ruled by the Observers late in season four. With a fifth year now a certainty, producer J.H. Wyman wants you to know: We will definitely be revisiting the bizzaro future of 2036 we glimpsed in "Letters of Transit."

TV THIS WEEK: It's an Observer-filled Fringe, Being Human and more!

After four years, will we finally find out what those Fringe Observer dudes are all about? Let's hope so, especially since Fox's Fringe is taking a month off after Friday's episode. This week we'll also have the return of BBC America's Being Human for a fourth season, which joins Syfy's Being Human on the schedule.

Ominous Observers are heading our way in new Fringe S5 teaser

A foreboding new trailer for the final season of J.J. Abrams' cult fave Fox series Fringe has been released, and look out—the Observers are coming.

In which we meet Fringe's Mr. Jones, who sees his future

The Fringe guest star speculates on his nefarious character's fate.

Jared Harris will reveal the mystery behind Fringe's Mr. Jones

Will we learn the secret about Mr. Jones? Watch tonight's episode.

Fringe's Jasika Nicole promises we'll learn about Astrid. Next year

Jasika Nicole, who plays the FBI agent/lab assistant, talks about season two.

How Fringe's season finale will change everything up

Series co-creator J.J. Abrams talks about how the finale will shift the show's paradigm.

Will Fringe move to Canada?

Entertainment Weekly reports that the Fox series may move to Vancouver.

Orci & Kurtzman: Fringe will answer these questions

The show will begin to answer a lot of its own questions as it wraps its first season.