So long, Fringe! Watch the cast's moving farewell to their fans
Trent Moore

For the brave few who stuck it out until the end, Fox’s Fringe has been a thrill ride of alternate universes and insane plot twists.

See what 2 new sci-fi series JJ Abrams has in the works this fall
Trent Moore

He may be busy shepherding new installments of Star Wars and Star Trek, but that doesn’t mean J.J. Abrams has turned his back on the medium that made him famous.

Star Trek reboot's writers heading to TV to reboot Sleepy Hollow
Trent Moore

Like J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek reboot? How about creepy supernatural tales? Then you’re in luck—because Fox’s mysterious new drama should be right up your alley.

Fringe's Josh Jackson on Peter's evolution and tonight's big finale
Kathie Huddleston

Actor Joshua Jackson is ready to say goodbye to Peter Bishop. In fact, he believes tonight's two-hour Fringe series finale has the 'proper' ending for the Fox show's three main characters, Peter, Olivia and Walter.

Goodbye, Fringe! J.H. Wyman looks back at 5 mind-bending years
Kathie Huddleston

It's been five terrifying, madcap, strange and wonderful years since Fox's Fringe first popped up on our TV screens, and executive producer and showrunner J.H. Wyman has been with the show for most of the way.

Fringe cast breaks down the insane plot twist they all hated most
Trent Moore

From introducing alternate universes to killing off beloved characters, no one can accuse Fox's Fringe of not being a brave show. But despite the writers' faith it'd turn out alright, there was one crazy plot twist the cast just couldn't get behind.

American Horror Story rises, Fringe falls + 34 other genre shows
Matthew Jackson

More shows are coming back from the holiday break, and that means more numbers for us to mull over. This week American Horror Story fought back from a slump, Fringe returned to a drop in numbers and The Big Bang Theory hit yet another series high.

Fringe finale trailer full of freaky events and epic shootouts
Trent Moore

After checking out a few brief snippets here and there, a new extended trailer for the final hour of Fringe's series finale has been released—and it looks positively insane. From shootouts to Hail Mary plans to attack the Observers, it's all here.

Fringe's Jackson was THIS close to playing 2 iconic Trek roles
Trent Moore

After five seasons as the co-leading man on Fox's Fringe, Joshua Jackson has solidified himself as a star player in J.J. Abrams' stable of actors.

That is one messed-up Observer in new Fringe series finale poster
Trent Moore

A new poster for the Fringe series finale has been released, and it looks like the team will be whipping out some old school freaky to take out the Observers this week. Mild spoilers ahead!