Fright Night

Tom Holland to sink his teeth into a Fright Night 3 novel and maybe even a movie
Jan 11, 2017

Horror movie director and screenwriter Tom Holland recently took to Twitter to reveal that the rights to Fright Night would be reverting back to him in two years, and teased he had some exciting plans in the works for the franchise.

First, shocking look at David Tennant in Fright Night
Jun 26, 2015

When it was announced that David Tennant had scored the role of Peter Vincent in the Fright Night remake, the collective sound of millions of squeeing fans from the Doctor Who/David Tennant community was probably heard all over. Today, we now have our very first look at what the actor looks like in the role and it's really, REALLY interesting. And kind of shocking.

18 scary (and sometimes silly) werewolf costumes from movies and TV
Dec 16, 2012

Monster Man continues on Syfy tonight at 10/9C, and this week, our favorite Hollywood prop-making family must design a horrifying werewolf. To get pumped for tonight's show, we found 18 monstrously hairy costumes from film and TV.

6 '80s horror films more in need of a remake than Fright Night
Dec 15, 2012

While several influential and excellent horror films exist from the period (Fright Night among them), the 1980s were predominantly a breeding ground for...

Why Colin Farrell hoped he wouldn't like the Fright Night remake
Dec 14, 2012

When Colin Farrell signed on to play über sexy vampire Jerry Dandridge in the upcoming Fright Night remake, the actor most likely knew he would have big shoes to fill — after all, Chris Sarandon OOZED sex in the original horror/comedy. A fan of the original, he also hoped he wouldn't like the script for the remake. But as it so happens, he did.

1st official pic of unrecognizable David Tennant in Fright Night
Dec 14, 2012

We've been waiting a long time for this, but we're finally getting to see the very first official pic of David Tennant—in character as Peter Vincent—from the upcoming Fright Night remake. And he looks jaw-droppingly awesome.

Don't blink or you'll miss David Tennant in 1st Fright Night trailer
Dec 14, 2012

We're glad that after the awesome pic of David Tennant as Peter Vincent from the new Fright Night remake a couple of days ago, we didn't have to wait long for the first trailer—as well as a new poster—of the comedy/horror film. And it's a killer!

Colin Farrell oozes creepy vampire charm in 1st Fright Night clip
Dec 14, 2012

An old AC/DC song warns you to "lock up your daughter, lock up your wife, lock up your back door and run for your life, the man is back in town." That's actually not a bad plan after viewing this smokin' scene with a leering, bloodthirsty Colin Farrell showing his true fangs.

Rumor of the Day: David Tennant will be the STAR of Fright Night 2
Dec 14, 2012

Director Craig Gillespie's R-rated Fright Night remake is not out yet, but there are rumors that Fright Night 2 could be already in the works. And this time, the main star would be the former Doctor himself, David Tennant.

David Tennant OWNS the spooky new Fright Night trailer
Dec 14, 2012

Felt deprived by the fact there wasn't enough David Tennant in the first Fright Night trailer? So did we—but we're finally getting to see a bit more of the former Doctor Who in this second new trailer—which he rocks big time.

David Tennant rules in 4 awesome new Fright Night movie banners
Dec 14, 2012

We can't hide the fact that we're really looking forward to seeing director Craig Gillespie's upcoming Fright Night remake. Really, we just can't. That last trailer we saw was awesome—and so are these new movie banners which David Tennant totally rocks.

David Tennant takes off his shirt and tells how to kill vampires
Dec 14, 2012

Let's be honest: A lot of people want to see the upcoming Fright Night remake because a certain former Doctor Who star happens to be in it. And the studio clearly knows that, too, because they've just released a very cool clip featuring David Tennant as Peter Vincent. Shirtless. A lot.

Skeptical Chris Sarandon calls rebooted Fright Night 'brilliant'
Dec 14, 2012

If you're a cinematic vampire connoisseur, then San Diego Comic-Con offered a rare opportunity for fans to see the proverbial changing of the Fright Night bloodsucking guard as actors Chris Sarandon (The Princess Bride) and Colin Farrell (Minority Report) came together to support the new remake of Fright Night opening in August.

Doctor Who's David Tennant joins cast of Fright Night remake
Dec 14, 2012

Former Doctor Who star David Tennant and Kick-Ass actor Christopher Mintz-Plasse have both been added to the cast of the remake of Fright Night.