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Entire archive of 1950s sci-fi publication IF Magazine released online
Feb 29, 2016

Looking for some light sci-fi reading from the golden age of science fiction? Well, you just hit the jackpot.

Syfy turning Hugo-winning first contact novel Gateway into TV series
Aug 13, 2015

The network has been digging deep into the annals of science fiction literature in recent years, and now Syfy is bringing another classic to the small screen.

11 sci-fi and fantasy novels we're looking forward to in 2011
Jun 26, 2015

Even though you're probably still sorting through the books you found under the Christmas tree, it's time to look ahead into the new year. We already told you about the 2011 movies and TV shows that have us most excited, so here are our picks for the novels you just shouldn't miss!

Acclaimed Frederik Pohl sci-fi novel being turned into TV series
Mar 11, 2014

One of genre author Frederik Pohl’s best-known sci-fi novels is coming to the small screen, and it could make for one heck of a series.

Legendary sci-fi author Frederik Pohl passes away at 93 years old
Sep 2, 2013

After spending almost a century helping shape the genre of science fiction, legendary writer and editor Frederik Pohl, 93, passed away on Monday.

Book claims to solve Roswell mystery, but 2 SF greats knew better
Dec 14, 2012

The author of a new book claims to have solved the mystery of the Roswell UFO incident, when in fact two legendary SF writers learned the truth decades earlier.