Freddy Krueger

Robert Englund becomes Freddy in Nightmares in the Makeup Chair documentary
Feb 7, 2017

Robert Englund stars in this fascinating new look at the creation of his Nightmare on Elm Street character.

Early Nightmare on Elm Street designs reveal Freddy’s original look
Nov 2, 2015

It’s one of the most iconic looks in the history of horror, and some new behind-the-scenes pics from the first Nightmare on Elm Street reveal the evolution of Freddy Krueger.

Freddy Krueger returns to haunt your dreams in new A Nightmare on Elm Street re-reboot
Aug 6, 2015

The fedora-wearing spectral maniac takes a stab at returning to the big screen.

E.T and 3 other sci-fi icons sculpted out of ... licorice?
Jul 2, 2015

Licorice has many uses. It's a nice movie theater snack (for some of us) and it promotes healthy digestion, but it takes a certain kind of mind to think that it would make good art. Artist Jason Mecier apparently has that kind of mind, and the results—portraits of movie icons like E. T., Harry Potter, Willy Wonka and Freddy Krueger—are both impressive and amusing.

Wes Craven reveals the terrifying true story that inspired Freddy Krueger
Oct 20, 2014

Though the franchise has devolved with subsequent sequels and remakes, the original Nightmare on Elm Street is still one of the freakiest horror flicks of the modern day. So, what inspired Freddy?

Robert Englund's final Freddy Krueger make-up prosthetics up for auction
Aug 14, 2014

Practice your cackle and freak your friends out with this actual "Freddy" latex accessory.

Robert Englund talks the Freddy Krueger prequel that never was
Dec 17, 2012

Robert Englund always dreamt (pun intended) of telling the back story of one of horror film's greatest monsters ever: Freddy Krueger—and now he's telling all about the Nightmare on Elm Street project that never was.

Vader, Freddy and 4 more villains recast as creepy senior citizens
Dec 16, 2012

Movie villains are often so much larger than life that it's hard to imagine them doing something so mundane as aging. We can't really picture Darth Vader or Michael Myers getting to the point that they take on the same mannerisms as our grandparents, but thanks to photographer Federico Chiesa, we don't have to. He's done it for us.

12 wacky examples of SF characters getting sucked into videogames
Dec 15, 2012

Tonight's Warehouse 13 (airing at 9/8C) features the main characters getting sucked into a videogame. In honor of this, we thought we'd to take a look at the use of this plot device over the past three decades.

20 grisly Freddy Krueger kill scenes likely to give you nightmares
Dec 15, 2012

Freddy Krueger loves to kill. For more than 25 years, Krueger (a k a Robert Englund) has invaded dreams to maim, stab, choke and torture more people than we can count. For the 28th installment in our 31 Days of Halloween series we've tracked down 20 of his most horrific and iconic kills that left us too scared to sleep.

Why new Nightmare director tells fans to 'get a life'
Dec 14, 2012

The director of the remake movie has some choice words for you obsessive fans out there.

Gruesome infographic compares 3 horror movie icons by kill ratio
Dec 14, 2012

Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees, and Freddy Krueger have hacked and slashed their way through dozens of bloody films, but which was the king of the killers, and which was the slacker? An awesome infograpic totes up the dead, coming up with a surprising answer.

The Hulk and Freddy Krueger sing Let It Be in bizarre music video
Dec 14, 2012

In one of the strangest (and yet oddly affecting) music videos we've seen in a long time, The Hulk, Freddy Krueger, James Bond and He-Man, Master of the Universe—well, Lou Ferrigno, Robert Englund, Roger Moore and Dolph Lundgren—plus a host of other '80s and '90s stars team up to sing "Let It Be."

Freddy lives: New Nightmare is No. 1
Dec 14, 2012

The remake of the classic horror movie topped the weekend box office.