Frank Darabont

Frank Darabont rips AMC in Walking Dead lawsuit deposition
Jan 6, 2016

Frank Darabont's deposition in his Walking Dead lawsuit has been unsealed, and he's got some harsh words for AMC.

Stephen King's The Mist is becoming a TV series
Sep 16, 2015

Just when you thought we were going into a Stephen King drought on TV ...

Darabont and Hemsworth in, Stewart out, for Snow White and the Huntsman prequel
Aug 1, 2014

After 2012’s Snow White and the Huntsman became a surprise hit, rumblings started ramping up about where to go for a sequel. Now it seems we finally have our answer.

Frank Darabont sues AMC for tens of MILLIONS in Walking Dead money
Dec 17, 2013

More than two years after AMC booted him from their runaway hit zombie series, former The Walking Dead showrunner Frank Darabont is going after the network for a huge cut of the show's profits that he claims he was owed all along.

Frank Darabont attacks AMC 'sociopaths' who fired him from Walking Dead
Nov 19, 2013

Getting sacked from one of the most popular shows in TV history has made Frank Darabont very surly.

Former NBC exec reveals why you should be glad they nixed Walking Dead
Jan 22, 2013

Before it landed at AMC, The Walking Dead danced around a few other networks first—with NBC fairly close to picking up the series before letting it pass. So why did NBC drop out?

Walking Dead showrunner discloses biggest post-Darabont change
Jan 14, 2013

When the showrunner shake-up behind the scenes of AMC's The Walking Dead took place at the start of the second season, fans were left to wonder exactly how co-creator Frank Darabont's departure would affect the surprise hit. Now, with the third season at its halfway point, Darabont's replacement Glen Mazzara has opened up about what actually changed in the writers' room.

Frank Darabont's flashback that almost kicked off Walking Dead S2
Dec 16, 2012

The Walking Dead's second season premiered last fall to huge ratings and a fan response even bigger than the series premiere back in 2010. But according to former showrunner Frank Darabont, those same AMC budget cuts that helped drive him from the series also prevented his awesome idea to start season two with a prequel episode that would have put us inside a zombie war zone.

16 things we already know about Walking Dead season 2
Dec 15, 2012

A lot's happened since AMC wrapped its first season of The Walking Dead, most notably that show runner, Frank Darabont, fired his entire writing staff only to be fired himself shortly thereafter.

Walking Dead's Frank Darabont explains why he's 'a little crazy'
Dec 15, 2012

Get ready to go green with envy—because thanks to Syfy's Hollywood Treasure, we're getting a sneak peek at Frank Darabont's personal collection of movie memorabilia.

If you're mad Frank Darabont left The Walking Dead, blame Mad Men
Dec 15, 2012

What's the real reason Frank Darabont left The Walking Dead? Well, it might have something to do with another hit AMC show, Mad Men.

Is AMC 'terrorizing' Walking Dead cast over Darabont departure?
Dec 15, 2012

A shocking new report says that executive producer and series creator Frank Darabont didn't quit The Walking Dead, but was fired—and that the cast has been "terrorized" into silence.

Sons of Anarchy creator rips AMC for Walking Dead turmoil
Dec 15, 2012

Kurt Sutter, creator of the FX biker gang series Sons of Anarchy, just leapt into the Frank Darabont/Walking Dead controversy, tweeting that "the greed of Mad Men is killing the other two best shows on TV—Breaking Bad and Walking Dead." Tell us what you really think!

New Walking Dead showrunner promises he won't $#@! it up
Dec 15, 2012

Glen Mazzara—a.k.a. the guy who recently stepped into the humongous shoes of former Walking Dead showrunner Frank Darabont—is keenly aware that fans of the awesomely cool AMC zombie series are afraid he'll screw it up. So he's making us a promise that he won't.

Frank Darabont FIRES entire Walking Dead writing staff
Dec 14, 2012

With The Walking Dead about to finish its first season this Sunday, how is executive producer and guiding light Frank Darabont celebrating the show's huge success? By firing the series' entire writing staff.