Gotham exec reveals Harley Quinn may show up earlier than expected

There have been rumblings that a young version of Harley Quinn would pop up on Fox's Gotham at some point. Now it looks like we'll get to see the beloved DC character earlier than we thought!

Fox's new series connects to the X-Men universe (with Sentinels!), but Legion does not

The X-Men franchise is coming to the small screen in a big way, and now we have a few details about how the two series fit into the big X-picture.

Crime-fighting gets a high-tech upgrade in sci-fi-tinged trailer for Fox's APB

Fox is showing off its 2017 schedule, and some fresh footage from the cop series APB shows it could be one to watch for sci-fi fans.

Ichabod Crane meets his new partner in first Sleepy Hollow Season 4 promo

Fox has released a preview of Season 4 of Sleepy Hollow which teases the show’s new setting, new allies and the new dangers our hero Ichabod Crane will face in the upcoming season.

Animated storyboard from Fox's New Mutants film is positively bonkers
Nov 25, 2016

Fox is in the early days of figuring out how to expand its X-Men franchise beyond the flagship films and Wolverine spinoffs (Deadpool not withstanding), and now we have a crazy-early peek at the most interesting option on the table.

The back room deal Marvel and Fox worked out between Deadpool and Guardians 2
Nov 14, 2016

It’s no secret that Marvel and Fox aren’t are on the greatest of terms, but even these two studios can bury the hatchet when they both want something out of the deal.

Vampire TV series The Passage in the works at Fox from producer Ridley Scott
Nov 14, 2016

 Fox put in a pilot order for a TV series based on Justin Cronin’s acclaimed horror book trilogy The Passage.

Fox's Exorcist series just took a jaw-dropping twist to connect with the original film
Oct 24, 2016

Though it hasn’t been drawing a ton of viewership, Fox’s The Exorcist is weaving together a solid little horror tale. But the latest episode just blew the mythology wide open.