forever war

Ridley Scott's dream project, Forever War, finally gets its writer
Jan 14, 2013

Ridley Scott is responsible for two of the most important sci-fi films ever made—Alien and Blade Runner. His return to the Alien franchise, Prometheus, may have seen a mixed response, but that doesn't make us any less excited that the book he most wanted to make a film of has finally found a screenwriter.

Ridley Scott's Forever War writer revealed (and it's GOOD news)
Dec 14, 2012

Last year, Ridley Scott told us that he had a "good writer" hard at work on the script for his 3-D version of Joe Haldeman's classic novel The Forever War. Then, a couple of months ago, Scott added that the screenwriter was "on a fourth draft of the adaptation." But he never revealed the NAME of that writer. Now Haldeman—perhaps inadvertantly—has.