The awesome pitch FlashForward's author made for the second season we never saw
Feb 20, 2015

Robert Sawyer came up with the idea for FlashForward, and had an awesome idea for how to fix the show in season two. You know, had it not been canceled.

9 series that tried to be the next Lost (and why they failed)
Dec 16, 2012

It never fails: Every season since ABC's Lost crashed on Dharma Island in 2004, some new show with a slick concept and splashy...

The truth about TV ratings, online viewing and sci-fi shows
Dec 14, 2012

Craig is the GM and Senior Vice President of Syfy Digital. He'll be guest blogging about the business of sci-fi TV on Blastr and he also regularly talks to fans about Syfy and the TV industry on Twitter using @Syfy. When sci-fi TV shows get canceled (on any network), many fans talk about how the ratings system is broken and doesn't count sci-fi viewers correctly. After all, sci-fi fans are tech savvy and don't watch live TV shows on TV ... they DVR them, they buy them on iTunes and they illegally download them from BitTorrent. If the archaic Nielsen system only took these viewers into account, many sci-fi TV shows would have massive ratings and last many more seasons.

Your complete guide to sci-fi TV season finales!
Dec 14, 2012

We've got a night-by-night breakdown of the season finales for all your favorite shows.

FlashForward's ratings tumble: Can you see the future?
Dec 14, 2012

Did you catch last night's episode of FlashForward? If so, it must have felt pretty lonely.

V's ratings improve: Will it survive FlashForward?
Dec 14, 2012

The ratings for the lizards in space series improved a bit in the most recent airing.

Chuck and V renewed, FlashForward canceled
Dec 14, 2012

NBC has ordered a fourth season of Chuck and ABC has picked up V for a second season.

ABC's new sci-fi schedule: Superheroes! Aliens!
Dec 14, 2012

Superheroes are in, flash-forwards are out, and aliens have held their ground.

FlashForward fans plan to fall over and act unconscious
Dec 14, 2012

FlashForward's fiercest fans are not give up on their favorite show.

Starz says sex will be an integral part its Camelot series
Dec 14, 2012

We actually stuck by FlashForward until the bitter end, so we're glad to see that its star, Joseph Fiennes, bounced back quickly. He'll soon be appearing in Starz's new series, Camelot, and had a good sense of humor about switching shows when he spoke with us over the weekend.

Diagram proves FlashForward and Lost nothing alike
Dec 14, 2012

Flash Forward has been wrongly criticized as a Lost replacement since day one.