The Flash

Supergirl/The Flash musical crossover lands director, airdate set

The first details on the long-awaited Supergirl and The Flash musical crossover have started to leak out, and now the two-parter officially has an airdate.  

Another Flash fan favorite reveals he'll be coming back to the show, but how?

The cast of The CW’s Flash has had a few shake-ups over the past three seasons, and now another fan favorite is officially making a return. But … how?

Fan favorite Robbie Amell is bringing Ronnie Raymond back to The Flash

When Team Flash was in its early days, Robbie Amell's Ronnie Raymond was a key player. He's been gone for a while, but now he's coming back.

The Flash taps Keith David as Solovar in upcoming Gorilla Grodd two-parter

Gorilla Grodd is set to return for a two-episode arc on The Flash later this year, and frequent Flash ally Solovar will be joining him.

Barry's mad at Kid Flash in first clip from the midseason premiere of The Flash

Looks like the Scarlet Speedster doesn’t do sidekicks in this first clip from the midseason premiere of the CW’s The Flash.

Game of Thrones is the most pirated TV show, for the fifth year in a row

Game of Thrones is keeping its crown. The critically acclaimed HBO fantasy series is still the most pirated TV show of the year, a title it has now held for the fifth year in a row since 2012.

The Flash almost had an open world video game, here's what it looked like

Despite his A-list status among DC’s heroes, The Flash has never really had much luck when it comes to video games. But, in an alternate universe, we’re all still playing this awesome Flash game.

Aliens and time travel galore in new Supergirl and Flash midseason trailers
Dec 21, 2016

Both Flash and Supergirl left some major threads hanging in 2016, and we finally have our first look at what’s to come next month. From ticking death clocks to alien journeys, 2017 is already looking up.