The Flash

This is why Flashpoint only lasted one episode on The CW's Flash series

Most of the offseason was spent building buzz for Flashpoint, but the huge Flash story didn’t last very long in execution. So why not?

Supergirl season premiere scores best CW time slot ratings in almost a decade

Moving Supergirl from CBS to The CW was an interesting experiment, but the big question was how the series would be received at its new home. Turns out a good bit of those CBS fans followed Kara to The Flash’s stomping grounds.

Despite Flashpoint, Supergirl will stay in a separate reality from the Arrow-verse

Since The Flash is tackling the universe-busting story Flashpoint, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to move Supergirl into the Arrow-verse, right? Well, apparently not.

Barry’s made a big mistake but Jay Garrick is back in extended trailer and promo for The Flash

The CW has released a sneak peek at the next episode — as well as a look ahead at the upcoming season — of The Flash, with two new exciting trailers.

Reverse-Flash and Barry share a common enemy in new clip from The Flash's return

The CW has released an extended clip from tonight’s premiere episode titled “Flashpoint” where Barry confronts an imprisoned Reverse-Flash.

Alien villain revealed for Arrow, Flash, Supergirl and Legends 4-way crossover

With Supergirl joining the lineup, we already knew The CW’s big crossover episode would span a mind-boggling four shows this year. Now we finally know who the small-screen Justice League will be taking on.