Breaking down the return of a Flash and the end of DC's The Button event

We break down the conclusion to "The Button" storyline in Flash #22, which paves the way for DC's fall blockbuster, Doomsday Clock.

Inside Flash #21 and the mystery of The Button

Breaking down The Flash #21, Part 2 of "The Button" and the issue's clues as to DC's newest timeline.

Get geeked for the midseason with new CW sizzle reel featuring Flash, Supergirl and Arrow
Jan 20, 2017

It's been a long midseason break, but The CW's Arrowverse is officially back in action next week. Need something to get you amped up for the premieres? This should do the trick.

The Flash and Supergirl to take on The Music Meister in musical crossover
Jan 9, 2017

There have been rumblings that Flash and Supergirl’s next meeting would reunite the Glee alums in a musical event, and now it’s official.

Throwback fan trailer imagines Arrow, Flash and Supergirl set in the Batman '66 era
Dec 14, 2016

The Flash has already pushed the Arrowverse into a happier, brighter place than the near-grim darkness of Arrow. But what if all The CW’s super shows took place in the 1960s? Back when Adam West’s ZAPs and POWs ruled the airwaves?

Another Justice League member is coming to The CW's Flash
Dec 12, 2016

The Arrowverse has been building up its own version of the Justice League for a while now, and now the series is adding another hero. Before you ask, no, it’s not Green Lantern.

Full Flash, Arrow, Supergirl and Legends trailer is the Justice League you always wanted
Nov 25, 2016

With the massive, week-long CW crossover kicking off next week, the network has finally dropped a trailer for “Heroes v Aliens.” Spoiler alert: It is glorious.