Finn Jones

Finn Jones says negative Iron Fist reviews are because show is 'not made for critics'
Mar 14, 2017

The latest Marvel series hits Netflix on Friday, and we're sad to report that it's really not all that good. The general consensus for Iron Fist has been a general meh from critics, but star Finn Jones has fired back with a tried and true excuse that just doesn't hold water.

Embrace the power of Marvel's Iron Fist in new featurette and motion poster
Feb 22, 2017

Netflix has dropped some exciting new goodies for Marvel's Iron Fist, including a new featurette featuring lots of awesome new footage and a cool motion poster that shows the Living Weapon channeling his chi.

Danny Rand strikes a pose in two new Iron Fist promo pics
Feb 2, 2017

Two new promo pics of Danny Rand (Finn Jones) striking a pose as the Living Weapon in Marvel's Iron Fist have been unleashed.

Director with the Iron Fists directing an episode of Marvel's Iron Fist
Jan 29, 2017

The RZA takes the director's chair for the Netflix series as Finn Jones cryptically hints at the costume.

First official batch of Iron Fist images feature Danny Rand, Colleen Wing and Claire Temple
Dec 6, 2016

The first batch of official pics for Marvel and Netflix’s upcoming Iron Fist series has finally arrived, offering a new look at the Marvel characters and featuring the return of a very familiar face.

Danny Rand is a living weapon in NYCC trailer for Marvel's Iron Fist
Oct 8, 2016

Following the exciting first-ever panel for Marvel’s Iron Fist at New York Comic Con this evening (where a couple of clips were also shown to the lucky audience members), Netflix has released a new teaser trailer for the upcoming superhero series.

Image of the Day: Danny Rand uses his Iron Fist in first pic from Netflix series
Oct 4, 2016

Hot on the heels of the one-two punch premiere of Luke Cage this past weekend, Netflix has released the first official image and an announcement teaser for Marvel’s Iron Fist, revealing the premiere date for the upcoming superhero series.

It's official: Marvel and Netflix confirm Finn Jones as Iron Fist and reveal a new character
Mar 17, 2016

While Marvel and Netflix confirm Finn Jones in the role of Danny Rand, they also reveal the name of another comic character.

Marvel and Netflix went to Westeros and found their Iron Fist
Feb 25, 2016

Marvel's Iron Fist series for Netflix has found its lead, and Game of Thrones fans will know him well.