Lost's Elizabeth Mitchell explains why she 'loved' that finale
Dec 17, 2012

To be one of the biggest hits of the last generation, ABC's Lost broke a lot of hearts with its rather ... unique series finale. The ending left a lot of fans intrigued, and even more of them angry. But it turns out series co-star Elizabeth Mitchell (Juliet) was actually a huge fan of that controversial final moment. So why did she like it so much?

Sneak-peek Fringe S4 finale clip spotlights Olivia's crazy powers
Dec 17, 2012

The season finale of Fringe airs tonight on Fox, and judging by this new preview clip, the action picks up right where it left off last week—essentially with all hell about to break loose.

Michael 'Ben Linus' Emerson explains Lost's finale in 14 words
Dec 14, 2012

The Lost finale explained by Michael Emerson, the actor who played Ben Linus.