Fan Video

Daenerys Targaryen frees slaves, is rewarded
May 8, 2014

You know what's better than taking your rightful place on the Iron Throne? Tomato sauce, covered in melted cheese on baked dough. Duh.

This True Detective-style Batman intro is the coolest thing you'll see today
Mar 18, 2014

The season finale might’ve left some fans wanting, but True Detective is still one of the greatest detective stories ever conceived. So why not add the World's Greatest Detective?

That epic battle between Hulk + Superman continues in latest fan clip
Dec 27, 2013

What would happen if Superman fought The Hulk? One extremely talented comic book fan has been working for three years to answer that question, and the latest ass-kicking installment has arrived.

LEGO Hobbit fan vid puts Merry and Pippin in Halloween trouble
Dec 17, 2012

Halloween theme? Check. Hobbits? Double breakfast check. LEGO? IT'S ALL OVER. Just submit to this fan video, for it is today's one, true ring of stop-motion animation.