fan film

Watch the iconic Batman: The Animated Series opening in LEGO stop motion
Jan 26, 2017

The best superhero cartoon ever gets the stop-motion treatment with a little LEGO magic for good measure.

That live action Futurama fan film has arrived, and it's as terrifyingly great as you’d imagine
Jan 2, 2017

A group of fans have been working on a live-action fan film based on Futurama — it’s taken about two years — but Fan-O-Rama has finally arrived. And it’s weird. So, so weird.

Fan film It All Goes Away is a touching take on one of Jeph Loeb's best Superman stories
Sep 21, 2016

Sure, most of the stories are full of superhero battles and punching, but the comic book format also allows for some poignant tales about life and loss. Now, one of the best Superman stories has been turned into a touching short film.

Trailer for animated Firefly fan project is gorgeous, heartbreaking and perfect
Aug 16, 2016

It’s probably been too long for a legit live-action continuation of Firefly, but that doesn’t mean an animated series can’t keep the Serenity flying for a few more minutes.

This gorgeous, CGI version of Akira is the only remake we need
Aug 11, 2016

While Hollywood keeps toiling away on a live-action version of Akira, some talented fans decided to take a crack at their own version of the iconic sci-fi tale. The result is pretty much perfect.

Gorgeous Star Wars short film imagines an Empire that never gave up after Return of the Jedi
Jul 27, 2016

Between the new Star Wars movies, animated series, books and novels, we have a pretty good feel for how the universe evolved after the end of the original trilogy. But what if the Empire kept on fighting anyway?

Fan film uses drone footage to stage an epic Star Wars dogfight
May 25, 2016

What do you get when you combine the new Star Wars drones, action figures, GoPro-style cameras and some capable effects work? A weird, white-knuckle dogfight unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

This Hawkeye fan film is the perfect proof of concept for a Netflix series
Mar 30, 2016

Ever since Marvel started expanding its reach into television, fans have been clamoring for a small-screen adaptation of Matt Fraction’s acclaimed Hawkeye comic run. Well, this fan film is a pitch-perfect proof of concept.