Fan Art

Artist creates Stephen King-style covers of your favorite 80s love songs

Aren't you just dying to read the spooky novelization of Hall & Oates' "Maneater"?

250 art styles come together to re-create a classic Sailor Moon episode
Jul 22, 2014

One of Sailor Moon's silliest adventures gets reanimated. And it's kind of great.

Image of the Day: Holy $#!@! An Alien made from scrap metal?!
Mar 28, 2014

This thing is so scary it could make H.R. Giger jump out of his skin.

Image of the Day: Rocket and Groot as Han and Chewie
Mar 24, 2014

If the Guardians of the Galaxy movie is meant to be Marvel's Star Wars, then let's cut the pretense and just go all the way with it, shall we?

These Game of Thrones scenes redone as Japanese woodprints are stunning!
Jan 28, 2014

HBO's Game of Thrones is already a very pretty affair, but these drawings take Song of Ice and Fire to a whole other level.

Artist melds DC and Marvel heroes with Transformers in epic fan mash-up
Jul 10, 2013

All those Marvel and DC characters have been imagined in a lot of ways over the years, but some new fan art turns them in Transformers-esque robots — and it totally works.