falling skies

Exclusive: Noah Wyle on Falling Skies, final season frustrations and pride
Aaron Sagers

As the alien invasion series begins its fifth and final season, the lead actor opens up about its evolution, and perception in the mainstream -- as well as the directing support he received from Jonathan Frakes.

Falling Skies' Doug Jones, Sarah Carter, Drew Roy and Colin Cunningham talk what to expect from the final season
Ernie Estrella

Sarah Carter, Doug Jones, Drew Roy and Colin Cunningham preview what's to come in season five and what Falling Skies says about humanity.

Prepare for one last battle in first teaser trailer for Falling Skies' final season
Trent Moore

The Steven Spielberg-produced alien drama Falling Skies is coming back to TNT for one last run, and here’s our first look at the final season.


TV THIS WEEK: Falling Skies' finale, Daleks return to Who, and more!
Matthew Jackson

We're still waiting for all those big fall premieres, but this week we're staying busy with summer finales and more Doctor Who.

Falling Skies producers promises things get 'gnarly' later this season at SDCC
Trent Moore

Spielberg’s alien-invasion drama Falling Skies is currently barreling through its twisty fourth season at TNT, but the cast and crew promise things are about to get even crazier.

Falling Skies renewed for 5th and final season! The Last Ship also picks up early renewal
Nathalie Caron

Falling Skies is coming back for a fifth and final season, while The Last Ship will also return for a second, bigger season order.

TV THIS WEEK: Defiance returns, Dominion premieres, and more!
Matthew Jackson

This week, we finally get a bounty of new summer genre shows, beginning with two offerings from Syfy.

Falling Skies Season 4 brings more sci-fi elements, bigger roles for women
Ernie Estrella

The cast of TNT's alien invasion drama gets us geared up for its upcoming return.

New Falling Skies S4 trailer: What's up with Tom's daughter?
Krystal Clark

TNT's released a special SXSW trailer for Falling Skies. More alien hybrids are coming, and one of them is a Mason.

Is Noah Wyle ditching Falling Skies for The Librarian series?
Krystal Clark

Noah Wyle could have two hit shows on his hands. TNT's luring the actor back to his Librarian roots for an all-new series.

Harry Potter star joins Falling Skies S4 as mysterious new character
Trent Moore

Details about the fourth season of TNT’s hit alien invasion drama Falling Skies are starting to come together, and the series just added a Harry Potter alum in a mysterious new role.

Check out the Falling Skies S4 footage that just debuted at NY Comic Con
Trent Moore

Sadly, not all of us can make it out to New York Comic-Con this weekend — but we at least have all the awesome new Falling Skies footage they were showing off in Manhattan.