Actor Michael Ironside on his new movie Extraterrestrial, Total Recall, Starship Troopers and more
Nov 20, 2014

Canadian-born actor Michael Ironside has been making movies since 1977, and has appeared in some of sci-fi's finest films.

First terrifying trailer for Extraterrestrial is Close Encounters turned R-rated horror
Sep 11, 2014

Though there’ve been a ton of low-to-mid-budget horror films in recent years, not many have focused on the ol' alien-invasion trope. Well, get ready for Extraterrestrial.

NASA scientist says real life Smell-O-Scope could hold key to finding alien life
Sep 3, 2014

We’re monitoring wavelengths and sending out signals in an effort to find aliens — but one NASA scientist notes there’s still one more thing we can do that might help locate E.T.