The Expanse

The future depends on each of us in explosive new Season 2 trailer for The Expanse
Jan 14, 2017

Earth? Mars? The Belt? The Expanse is coming back with a second season, and to whet our appetite for the show's highly anticipated return, Syfy has unleashed a new trailer urging us to pick a side. 

Watch cats recreate The Expanse Season 1
Jan 9, 2017

Here's a furry crew of adorable kitties to help get you up to speed for The Expanse Season 2.

The Expanse heads to Mars in first look at Season 2 premiere
Jan 2, 2017

A new clip has been released from Syfy’s ambitious space opera The Expanse, and it takes the action to Mars with fan-favorite character Bobbie Draper.

Take a stunning, 360-degree tour of the Rocinante ship from The Expanse
Dec 22, 2016

The Syfy series The Expanse is ambitious for a lot of reasons, from its grand political intrigue to the deep roster of well-rounded characters that populate its universe. But one aspect that might get overlooked is the set design — most notably the Rocinante spaceship our heroes call home. So, want to take a 360-degree tour?