The Exorcist

Spin into a new vinyl release for The Exorcist score
Feb 4, 2017

The Exorcist's eerie musical score grabs a premium vinyl release from Waxwork Records.

Scream for joy over artist Matt Talbot's 31 days of horror posters
Oct 31, 2016

Here's a creepy collection of classic horror movie posters reimagined for the night of screams!

Fox's Exorcist series just took a jaw-dropping twist to connect with the original film
Oct 24, 2016

Though it hasn’t been drawing a ton of viewership, Fox’s The Exorcist is weaving together a solid little horror tale. But the latest episode just blew the mythology wide open.

The Exorcist showrunner on how the original plan for TV version was a 'fool's errand'
Sep 26, 2016

The prime-time landscape is littered with popular film properties this fall, and it’s never easy turning a film concept into a television series. One of the biggest challenges this year? Fox’s The Exorcist adaptation, which premiered last week. So how did the creative team pull it off?

New sneak peek for Fox’s The Exorcist will make your head turn
Aug 10, 2016

Fox has released a new sneak peek at its new horror TV series The Exorcist, which is inspired by author William Peter Blatty’s terrifying 1971 novel.

Image of the Day: Head-spinning new poster for Fox's The Exorcist
Aug 4, 2016

Here's a killer new poster for The Exorcist TV series that'll give you a nasty neck knot.

Demons are real in freaky, SDCC trailer for Fox's The Exorcist series
Jul 22, 2016

Fox is gearing up to bring one of the scariest films ever made to the small screen, and unveiled a freaky new trailer for The Exorcist at San Diego Comic-Con.