The Vatican fears sexy vampires, and real-life exorcisms are on the rise
Apr 20, 2015

If the Vatican's main concern is that some people are apparently trying to turn other peeps into (sexy) vampires, then we're in big trouble.

Eli Roth prepping new demon-hunting exorcism series South of Hell
May 23, 2014

Horror guru Eli Roth is prepping a new TV series focused on demon-hunting and exorcisms, though it’s heading to an admittedly strange network home.

Dark Knight's Gary Oldman developing new horror drama exorcist TV series
Mar 6, 2014

After helping Christian Bale’s Batman defend Gotham City as Commissioner Gordon for the Dark Knight trilogy, Gary Oldman is eyeing TV for his next genre project.

Kirkman explains how his new horror comic is the Walking Dead of exorcism
Jan 16, 2014

Though he’s flirted with straight up sci-fi at times, Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman knows where his bread is buttered. Now, he’s trading zombies for another classic horror trope.