The Evil Dead

Here's Sam Raimi's time-warping script idea for his Evil Dead 4
Oct 13, 2015

Here's Raimi's kooky take for a fourth entry in the Evil Dead franchise.

Gruesomely awesome fan film condenses Evil Dead into 60 seconds
Feb 11, 2013

Fede Alvarez' Evil Dead reboot doesn't open until April but here's a gory-good homage short to the original to tide you over.

1st official Evil Dead remake footage warns we'll all die tonight
Dec 17, 2012

Shortly after New York Comic Con, the first trailer for Evil Dead leaked online. Now we've got a taste of the real thing. It's a mix of footage from the film and the NYCC panel. Watch as Bruce Campbell (producer), Jane Levy (star) and Fede Alvarez (director) prepare us pure horror.

Watch the ultra-bloody NSFW 1st trailer for the Evil Dead reboot
Dec 17, 2012

Last week it leaked online, yesterday we saw NYCC crowds going nuts over it, and today it's officially here for all to see. It's the first gruesome trailer for the Evil Dead reboot, and it's got buckets of blood.

Keep out! 15 creepy movie cabins you'd never want to visit
Dec 17, 2012

There's nothing better than sitting in a cabin, sipping cocoa and reading a good book. Cabins are popular destinations for extended vacations and weekend getaways, promoting serenity not stress. Well ... at least they're supposed to. In many films—including Joss Whedon's The Cabin in the Woods—they're instead portrayed as giant death traps.