Evangeline Lilly

Ant-Man director wants to explore 'weird and unique' territory in sequel
Nov 12, 2015

With Ant-Man director Peyton Reed apparently close to returning for the sequel, he already has ideas for the direction he'd like to see it take.

Director Peyton Reed expected to return for Ant-Man and the Wasp
Oct 22, 2015

It appears that the sequel to Ant-Man will have a much easier time hanging onto a director than the original.

Image of the Day: That secret super-suit from Ant-Man
Jul 31, 2015

Here's a spoilery look at the prototype flight suit from Ant-Man's mid-credit scene.

Here's when Kevin Feige say this Ant-Man character will suit up
Jul 20, 2015

Marvel head honcho Kevin Feige recently gave an interview in which he dropped some intriguing hints regarding the future of Evangeline Lilly’s Ant-Man character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Here's the tiny Marvel superhero cameo that will appear in Ant-Man
Jun 22, 2015

An iconic Marvel superhero will show up in Ant-Man, but in a small (no pun intended) way. Potential spoilers ahead!

Evangeline Lilly says Ant-Man after Edgar Wright became 'more American'; a Falcon cameo is teased
May 26, 2015

New, intriguing details about the changes made to Edgar Wright's original Ant-Man screenplay have emerged.

Yellowjacket gets magnified in new Ant-Man pics and magazine covers
May 26, 2015

To while away the time until Marvel's Ant-Man shrinks onto the big screen this coming July, we've a slew of pics to whet your appetite. 

Yellowjacket suits up in second trailer for Marvel's Ant-Man
Apr 13, 2015

The new trailer for Ant-Man has landed, and this time we get to see a supervillain in action.

Evangeline Lilly explains what went wrong with Edgar Wright's Ant-Man
Dec 3, 2014

For many fans, director Edgar Wright's decision to leave Marvel's Ant-Man movie was a crushing blow. But star Evangeline Lilly has a different take.

Chaos reigns in these 15 new Ant-Man behind-the-scenes pics
Oct 27, 2014

Some brand-new filming pics from the set of Marvel’s Ant-Man are plunging us into the midst of what looks like quite the chaotic scene.

Evangeline Lilly shares her new Wasp-ish look in brand-new Ant-Man BTS pics
Aug 21, 2014

Evangeline Lilly has shared snaps of her new Ant-Man hairdo, and it’s VERY reminiscent of a certain Marvel character.

Look who Evangeline Lilly is really playing in Ant-Man + the fate of Janet Van Dyne revealed!
Jul 28, 2014

Despite SDCC reports that Evangeline Lilly was playing Hope Van Dyne in Ant-Man, Marvel has now revealed that she’ll be playing another character.

This Lost favorite may land major Ant-Man role
Feb 6, 2014

You've already got Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas in Ant-Man. Who do you cast next?