E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

Steven Spielberg goes behind the scenes of E.T. with writer Melissa Mathison in rare, 1982 footage
Dec 31, 2015

Even wanted to go behind the scenes of E.T. with Steven Spielberg and screenwriter Melissa Mathison? Well, hop in the wayback machine and let’s head to 1982.

Hilarious video imagines how E.T. could have gone horribly wrong
Jul 2, 2015

We all love the heartwarming and uplifting ending of Steven Spielberg's family classic E. T. the Extra-Terrestrial (You totally cried. Admit it.), but there's always a movie executive out there who wants to tell a filmmaker how they can "fix" the movie. Watch what happens when Spielberg meets a trio of studio suits who have a better idea for E. T.'s iconic ending.

E.T and 3 other sci-fi icons sculpted out of ... licorice?
Jul 2, 2015

Licorice has many uses. It's a nice movie theater snack (for some of us) and it promotes healthy digestion, but it takes a certain kind of mind to think that it would make good art. Artist Jason Mecier apparently has that kind of mind, and the results—portraits of movie icons like E. T., Harry Potter, Willy Wonka and Freddy Krueger—are both impressive and amusing.

Spielberg's E.T. sequel woulda had kid torture, carnivorous aliens
Jul 2, 2015

Considering the fact that E.T. was one of the biggest films of the 1980s, it's shocking that a sequel never surfaced to Steven Spielberg's sweet alien tale of friendship. Turns out, a sequel idea was actually worked up—it was just so dark and twisted that everyone involved decided not to make it.

E.T. house almost burned in L.A. fires
Jul 2, 2015

Home used in the 1981 Steven Spielberg film now seems safe from destruction.

Oscar-winning FX legend Carlo Rambaldi, creator of E.T., dies at 86
Jul 2, 2015

Carlo Rambaldi, the special effects genius who won three Oscars for his work on the 1976 version of King Kong, Ridley Scott's Alien and Steven Spielberg's E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, passed away Friday at his home in Italy. He was 86.

Watch Spielberg + Williams perfect the E.T. theme in 1981 video
Jul 2, 2015

The theme to E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial is a classic tune, that can immediately invoke a wave of nostalgia for a generation of Steven Spielberg fans. But, before it was tugging our heart strings, Spielberg and composer John Williams were banging that sucker out on a piano to make it sound just right.

Fun 1982 video sneak peeks E.T. + other eventual sci-fi classics
Jul 2, 2015

Could movie audiences possibly have known what was in store for them when they went into theaters in the summer of 1982? As this 30-year-old sneak peek clip shows, it was a huge year for sci-fi, and every one of the films mentioned turned out to be a bona fide classic.

Spielberg won't 'go Lucas,' will release original E.T. on Blu-Ray
Jul 2, 2015

At an event celebrating Raiders of the Lost Ark's 30th anniversary, Steven Spielberg revealed that when it comes to his genre masterpieces, fans will be able to get the versions they fell in love with.

Coastguard searches for body, finds life-size E.T. replica instead
Jul 2, 2015

We would hate to be the people who have to search the shorelines whenever somebody calls in a floater, but this was probably a welcome surprise to them. While searching for a body on the English coast last week, Coastguard officers instead found a model of everyone's favorite cuddly alien.

Gloriously sweet 30th-anniversary E.T. poster rekindles the magic
Jul 2, 2015

Has it already been three decades since E.T. shuffled around eating Reese's Pieces and moaning about his telecommunication needs? Well, if you've been off-world a while, this beautiful anniversary poster from Hopko Design in New York will bring you back into orbit.

Check out the awesome spaceship that holds Spielberg's E.T. Blu-ray
Jul 2, 2015

At this point, we all know (or should know) that we can expect a Blu-ray re-release of just about every classic sci-fi film ever, but some catch our eye more than others. For instance, take a look at this limited edition packaging for the 30th anniversary Blu-ray of Steven Spielberg's E. T. the Extra Terrestrial. Yup, that's a spaceship.

The Poltergeist remake is a reminder of what makes the original unique
May 26, 2015

The best thing about the new Poltergeist is that it's a great reminder of how brilliant the original is.