Eric Kripke

First trailer for NBC time travel series Timeless is a dramatic blast from the past
May 16, 2016

NBC has picked up a series order for Eric Kripke (Supernatural) and Shawn Ryan’s (The Shield) time-travel drama series, Timeless.

Seth Rogen to bring Garth Ennis' dark comic book series The Boys to TV
Apr 7, 2016

Fans of Garth Ennis' The Boys rejoice, the ultra-dark and violent comic-book series is coming to TV.

Back to the Future meets Mission: Impossible in new NBC time travel adventure series
Jan 21, 2016

NBC is developing a new time-travel drama, and it's assembled one heck of a good team to put it together.

Supernatural's Eric Kripke developing new superhero comic (and TV series) Jacked
Jul 12, 2015

Not content to keep on battling werewolves and ghosts, Supernatural creator Eric Kripke is branching out into superheroes — but it isn’t your average tights-and-flights concept.

Red door? Dead rats? Revolution producer teases 2 major S2 answers
Oct 9, 2013

The new season of NBC’s Revolution introduced a boatload of new mysteries to replace the old ones — and now we have some tantalizing details on two of the biggest.

Revolution's creator teases the 'X-Files kind of conspiracy' to come

NBC's Revolution premiered last week with some shocking developments. But creator and executive producer Eric Kripke promises things are only going to get worse.

Revolution producer explains more about that shocking death (and resurrection)
Sep 26, 2013

We knew the producers of NBC’s Revolution were planning a semi-reset for the start of season two, but what we didn’t expect was that WTF twist that closed out the premiere.

Why Revolution is axing the storyline that drove the entire 1st season
Sep 24, 2013

The team behind NBC’s Revolution has finally figured out what type of show they’re making — and it turns out it does not involve the massive plot point that drove the entire first season.

How is Revolution's return a lot like Star Wars? Creator explains
Mar 25, 2013

The back half of Revolution’s first season will feature some major changes, and producer Eric Kripke says they’re even taking some cues from the classic Star Wars films. Huh?

Revolution exec reveals exactly when we'll learn the blackout secret
Mar 4, 2013

Think Revolution is going to pull a Lost and keep you guessing for years about the central mystery? Think again.

Revolution creator explains how his new series is just like Tolkien
Dec 17, 2012

Eric Kripke admits he's a little obsessed. It's not your normal obsession and it doesn't mean he needs to join a 12-step program. Well, at least not yet. But it is something that drove him when he created and ran the CW's Supernatural, and it's an fixation that's only increased with his latest creation, NBC's Revolution, a series that he's developed with Lost's J.J. Abrams and Iron Man's Jon Favreau.

Revolution producer reveals why a MAJOR change was made to pilot
Dec 17, 2012

You typically have a few tweaks between a pilot episode and actual series order when it comes to a TV show, as the pilot establishes a premise while subsequent episodes build on it. This season's early hit Revolution is the perfect example—and producer Eric Kripke has finally explained why one big change was made to recast a big reveal for episode two.

Did Revolution's creator just tell us why the lights went out?
Dec 17, 2012

Why did the lights go out on NBC's Revolution? During a conference call with journalists, Revolution's creator and executive producer Eric Kripke talked about his new show and actually may have spilled the beans on what the sci-fi show's big secret is. Or did he?