The Smithsonian finally moves the Enterprise out of the basement and into the gallery
Jun 29, 2016

The Smithsonian has had a screen-used model of the Star Trek Enterprise for more than 40 years, and now the famed museum is pulling it out of the basement and putting it out on full display. With a few upgrades, of course.

Image of the Day: Meet the men who built Star Trek’s original Enterprise
Jan 13, 2016

Sure, it’s typically constructed in full-on CGI these days, but once upon a time the Star Trek Enterprise was built with nothing but tender love and care. Want to meet the gentlemen who made the first one?

Is the Millennium Falcon the fastest ship in science fiction?
Dec 18, 2015

With the Millennium Falcon back in action (at last!) in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, here's a way to see if it really is the "fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy."

Fan explains why she spent $30,000 to re-create the bridge of Star Trek's Enterprise
Jan 13, 2014

Line Rainville turned her basement into the bridge of the Enterprise. She explains why ... and how to do it yourself.

Apparently, Enterprise S1 was supposed to be entirely Earth-bound
Aug 21, 2013

Throughout its run, the Star Trek prequel series Enterprise went through more than a few crises of identity — but apparently there was one we never heard about.

Could Enterprise return with the help of Netflix? Brannon Braga thinks so!
Mar 26, 2013

The first season of Enterprise just came out on blu-ray, but could it return for more?

21 awesome Star Trek gifts that look like the Starship Enterprise
Jan 14, 2013

With the holidays approaching, we knew you'd need a helping hand, so here's some cool Star Trek swag that looks like the USS Starship Enterprise for all those Trekkies in your life.

A Trekkie restoring original Next Gen Enterprise bridge? Make it so!
Dec 17, 2012

In what may be the ultimate case of "one man's trash is another man's treasure," Paramount was in the process of throwing away the entire set of the Enterprise D bridge when one proud trekkie boldly took it and then had it transported to his home. What's he going to do now? Why restore the entire thing, of course!

Marina Sirtis defends Enterprise finale as a fitting end for TNG
Dec 16, 2012

In the wake of Jonathan Frakes' recent declaration that for him, Star Trek: Enterprise's series finale was 'an unpleasant memory,' actress Marina Sirtis has also come out on the controversial final episode. But instead of blasting it, she defends it as a fitting finale for ... The Next Generation.

Star Trek star says Enterprise was killed by 'greedy bean counters'
Dec 16, 2012

Another Star Trek actor—this time it's John Billingsley's turn—has come out to talk about the cancellation of Enterprise back in 2005, after only four years on our TV screens, blasting Paramount and the studio's greed in the process.