this is the end

End of an era: This sci-fi flick was Blockbuster's last rental ever
Nov 11, 2013

The movie rental business has been dying a slow death ever since Netflix and Redbox took the world by storm, and now Blockbuster has officially called it quits — but not before renting one last sci-fi flick.

Emma Watson wields an ax in wild NSFW trailer for apocalyptic pic
Apr 2, 2013

After churning out his fair share of straight up comedies, Seth Rogen is taking aim at the apocalypse next—and he’s bringing Harry Potter alum Emma Watson along for the ride.

Seth Rogen ends the world in NSFW trailer for his apocalyptic pic
Jan 14, 2013

With the world possibly ending tomorrow if all the theories about the Mayan calendar prove to be right, Seth Rogen figured he'd better rush out the first trailer for his new movie—which is, of course, about the end of the world.