Emperor Palpatine

Aborted Star Wars Underworld TV series would've featured a 'sympathetic' Emperor Palpatine
Jun 23, 2016

One of the great mysteries of sci-fi lore is George Lucas’ aborted Star Wars Underworld television series, which spans dozens of proposed scripts that never actually made it in front of a camera. So, what kind of story was Lucas looking to tell?

Rumor of the Day: Here's how Emperor Palpatine might return in Episode VII
Aug 14, 2013

We'd already heard the Emperor might be back for the next Star Wars trilogy...but how would that happen exactly?

Rumor of the Day: McDiarmid will be the Emperor in Star Wars VII
Aug 12, 2013

Just because he died in Return of the Jedi, doesn't necessarily mean we've seen the last of Palpatine.