Cosmic ray telescopes could finally reveal secret chambers hidden in the pyramids
Apr 19, 2016

Since it wouldn’t exactly be wise to start ripping blocks out with construction equipment, archaeologists have to get a bit more creative when it comes to discovering the secrets still hidden in the Egyptian pyramids. Turns out, cosmic ray telescopes could hold the key.

Scientists might've finally figured out how ancient Egyptians moved the pyramid stones
May 1, 2014

It's plagued engineers and Egyptologists for, well, ever — but now researchers think they've finally figured out how the ancient Egyptians moved the pyramid rocks (hint: not aliens).

Ridley Scott developing new HBO series about ancient aliens in Egypt
Apr 24, 2014

In case you didn’t get enough ancient Egyptian aliens from Stargate, Ridley Scott is cooking up a new series that should fill the pyramid-shaped void.

Archaeologists uncover an actual door to the afterlife in Egypt
Dec 14, 2012

Scientists in Egypt have found one of the doors to the afterlife.