Edgar Wright

Edgar Wright’s next project is an animated film about shadows
Trent Moore

He’s had a few movies on his radar, but we’ve been wondering exactly what genre project director Edgar Wright would tackle next in the wake of his messy divorce from Marvel’s Ant-Man. Turns out his next movie up is not exactly what you’d expect — and that is very, very exciting.

Johnny Depp and Edgar Wright teaming up for Neil Gaiman adaptation
Don Kaye

Edgar Wright directing Johnny Depp in a movie based on a Neil Gaiman story? Sure, we'd watch that.

Director Peyton Reed expected to return for Ant-Man and the Wasp
Don Kaye

It appears that the sequel to Ant-Man will have a much easier time hanging onto a director than the original.

Here's the original opening scene and alternate ending for Marvel's Ant-Man
Trent Moore

Have you been wondering what impact all those rewrites had on the Ant-Man script? Now we have an answer.

Missed that Ant-Man test footage? Check out the next best thing
Dany Roth

Does your heart still hurt at the thought of having missed Edgar Wright's test footage for the theoretical Ant-Man movie? You're not alone. The good news, though, is that someone has found a LEGAL way for us all to see it.

Evangeline Lilly says Ant-Man after Edgar Wright became 'more American'; a Falcon cameo is teased
Nathalie Caron

New, intriguing details about the changes made to Edgar Wright's original Ant-Man screenplay have emerged.

Joss Whedon comes out in favor of Edgar Wright's (now-rewritten) Ant-Man script
Carol Pinchefsky

The Age of Ultron director had some great things to say about the Ant-Man we'll never get to see.

First trailer for the Wright and Pegg-approved Shaun of the Dead stage production
Trent Moore

Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg’s Shaun of the Dead is officially a decade old, but the zombie comedy is getting a new lease on life — just not exactly how you’d expect.

If Nolan declines, Warner Bros. has one heck of a short list for Ready Player One
Trent Moore

Last we heard, Warner Bros. has an offer out for Christopher Nolan to direct the ambitious sci-fi flick Ready Player One, but in case he says no, they have some interesting backup options.

Evangeline Lilly explains what went wrong with Edgar Wright's Ant-Man
Don Kaye

For many fans, director Edgar Wright's decision to leave Marvel's Ant-Man movie was a crushing blow. But star Evangeline Lilly has a different take.

Christopher Nolan's Interstellar gets two big endorsements
Don Kaye

We're less than two weeks away from the release of Christopher Nolan's Interstellar, and two major filmmakers have weighed in with their thoughts.

Shaun of the Dead: Happy zombie-versary to one of the genre's best
Aaron Sagers

The first of Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright's Cornetto Trilogy opened in the U.S. 10 years ago today. So why does it matter?

Ant-Man's Michael Douglas opens up about Edgar Wright's 'very disappointing' exit
Dany Roth

After a bunch of other directors from other movies talked about it, finally, an actual actor from Ant-Man shares his thoughts on all the shenanigans.

Wait, now yet ANOTHER potential Ant-Man director bites the dust?
Trent Moore

Just when you think the behind-the-scenes drama surrounding Ant-Man couldn’t get any crazier, something like this comes along to show we haven’t reached the bottom yet.