Dynamite Entertainment

Go back to the beginning in new Z Nation prequel comic

Syfy’s Z Nation series is a wild palate cleanser for the zombie genre, and now it’s getting a prequel to tell some stories from the early days of the apocalypse.

The worlds of Tarzan, John Carter and Pellucidar collide in The Greatest Adventure
Jan 25, 2017

The worlds of John Carter of Mars and Tarzan of the Apes are about to collide when author Edgar Rice Burroughs' most famous characters team up for an epic adventure in a new series penned by none other than Elementals and Fables creator Bill Willingham.

New artwork: Batman v The Shadow in murder mystery crossover series
Jan 24, 2017

Pulp fiction hero The Shadow was one of the inspirations behind Bob Kane and Bill Finger’s Batman. And now the World's Greatest Mystery and the World’s Greatest Detective are about to cross paths in a new limited series.

Doctor Who writer tapped for Dynamite's new blood-tainted Vampirella comic series
Oct 7, 2016

Halloween's most notorious comic book fanged femme fatale is back in a ravishing new run from Dynamite.

Wonder Woman and Bionic Woman to meet for the first time in new comic book series
Sep 2, 2016

'70s pop icons Wonder Woman and Bionic Woman are about to meet for the first time in a new comic book series.