Scientists figure out how to turn light into matter
Jul 7, 2015

An 80-year-old theory about turning light into matter is getting new attention, thanks to scientists at Imperial College figuring out how to make it actually happen.

Lasers just re-created the power of the Sun in a lab
Jun 30, 2014

The first time humanity achieved these conditions on purpose, we destroyed an entire island.

Band with all-robot members one-ups Daft Punk
Jun 30, 2014

Crazy, identity-hiding helmets are one thing, but a band made up entirely of robot musicians is the new standard in musical anonymity.

U.S. Army's AR headset to give soldiers Iron Man vision
Jun 30, 2014

The Q-Warrior headset is the military's first AR headset to begin field testing.

Mars meteorite hints at life on the red planet
Jun 30, 2014

An ancient Mars meteorite shows evidence of life within its surface, thanks to its unique patterns and textures.

Ocean super suit lets you travel the deep blue sans submarine
Jun 30, 2014

With over two days worth of air stored in its tanks, you'll have enough time to wage a battle against Cthulhu in this sucker.

Inflatable airships designed to explore the skies of Venus
Jun 30, 2014

Sending drones into the skies of Venus and beyond could be humanity's first step toward colonizing new worlds.

Scientists one step away from cloning adult humans
Jun 30, 2014

Scientists have successfully taken cells from human adults and used them to clone blastocysts in a lab.

Star Wars deflector shields are physically possible, sort of
Jun 30, 2014

Physics students show how deflector shields in Star Wars might physically work, and point to an example that already keeps us safe here on Earth.
By the time humans set foot on Mars, NASA wants its other craft prepped for an even more arduous mission.
Rather than hopping on a space-bound train from the ground, your first space elevator ride to space could begin in low Earth orbit.
With three hands and two brains, this drummer could be a glimpse into the crazy cyborg future that awaits us all.

U.S. Navy's laser-equipped battleship floats out this summer
Jun 30, 2014

Coming to an Iranian Sea near you: a U.S. Navy warship equipped with laser cannons that can shoot down targets within a mile range.
Until now, anything launched to the surface of Mars has been on a one-way trip. Thanks to SpaceX, that may no longer be true.
Somewhere, circling a star 63.4 light years from Earth, hides a predator of planetary scale.