See droids get into a dubstep argument in awesome animated short
Dec 17, 2012

Even if you're not a fan of dubstep, it's hard to deny that everyone loves droids, especially when they're adorable animated droids that somehow manage to argue musically. Watch what happens when a dubstep beat is translated into a series of angry robot sounds in this awesome CG short film.

The amazing and heartwarming saga of the pink R2-KT droid
Dec 17, 2012

Sci-fi and fantasy tales of triumph have inspired many of us for decades, but for one little girl, Star Wars grew to mean so much more—and inspired an original R2 droid in the process.

Watch intense, adorable negotiations between R2-D2 and a baby
Dec 15, 2012

As this adorable clip shows, while dealing with a rather inquisitive baby, R2-D2 does a pretty fine job of proving why C-3PO is the master of human-cyborg relations.