Drew Pearce

Iron Man 3 writer Drew Pearce to direct Jodie Foster in his sci-fi thriller Hotel Artemis
Nov 30, 2016

Iron Man 3 and Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation writer Drew Pearce is set to make his big-screen directing debut with a new sci-fi thriller titled Hotel Artemis. And who better to star in the movie than a two-time Oscar winner? Now, that's how you start your directing career!

Drew Pearce confirms a Tatum/Pratt-led Ghostbusters is developing
Jul 30, 2015

A male-focused Ghostbusters is coming to go along with that female-led one, and the writer just confirmed the casting choices.

Why now is the right time for Marvel to make that Runaways movie (or TV series)
Aug 22, 2014

We think it's time to turn our eyes toward what could be Marvel’s next game-changing genre-buster. But this time, they only have to look as far as the back shelf at Marvel HQ to find it.

Iron Man 3 writer Drew Pearce reveals details of his unproduced Marvel projects
Feb 7, 2014

Though it took Iron Man 3 for Drew Pearce to finally get his big break with Marvel, the screenwriter has been cranking out comic-based projects for them behind the scenes for years.

Iron Man 3 writer explains those huge secrets in All Hail the King one-shot
Feb 6, 2014

Marvel put together one of its most ambitious one-shot shorts to date with All Hail the King, and now the man who wrote and directed it is here to explain those shocking revelations.